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3 Better Ways Than Shouting

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Need better ways to talk to your children than shouting? Do you catch yourself shouting at your children? You really try to not shout, but it seems like they don’t listen until you yell.

Do they shout at you and stomp off which only makes you want to shout back?

Maybe you are frustrated and overwhelmed and something like spilt milk or a lost shoe just sets you off with the feeling of it’s too much and you shout.

It happens. We shout, but that doesn’t make it right or an acceptable way for us to approach our parenting.

In this Renewed Mama video podcast, I share three better ways than shouting.

You’re In Charge of How You Respond

We can’t control much of the world around us including our toddlers, teenagers, and our spouse, but we can control how we respond. We can check in with ourselves and ask:

What am I feeling right now?

What am I thinking?  What do I want to say or to shout?

Am I stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, or upset about something else?

Is this just the trigger that is trying to set me off? 

Get to the root of what is actually bothering you and then ask, “How will I choose to respond?” Mama, you can respond right. I share more about getting to the root of what’s bothering you in Going Fruit to Root – Renewed Mama Podcast Episode 38.

Now It’s Time to Hear from You

Share in the comments below how these three better ways will help you to stop shouting at your kids.  I want to hear from you.   I bless you, Mama.  Keep your mind strong and the words you speak pure, lovely, and good.

Need Help Stopping the Shouting?

When you need another Mama’s help to stop shouting and to get them to listen the first time you ask, I am here to work with you one on one through Renewed Mama Coaching

Sometimes, we are in the thick of it and we can’t see beyond what we are dealing with each day.  We just need another Mama to talk to.  Another Mama to help us up and over where we are stuck.

Go to Renewed Mama Coaching and book your first coaching chat with me. 

I’ll help you stop the shouting, find joy in the dishes and laundry pile up, and guide you in thinking right, speaking right, and responding right to your children, your husband, even yourself, Mama so that you come alive in this mama journey.

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