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I'm Kimberly Muhtar
I’m a Coach, Podcaster, Author, and Educator. Best of all, I’m a Home School Mother to three.

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podcast renewed mama by kimberly muhtar The RenewedMama PodcastTM

Mama, you pour your heart and soul into all that you do, and when you still feel like it isn't enough, like you aren't enough... when you feel tired, pulled in all directions, like it's too much, it's time to pause and renew.

Listen to real talk with actionable tips and scripts to help you renew your mind, the words you speak, your parenting approach, and your marriage. Stay renewed, Mama!

podcast renewed mama by kimberly muhtar

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blonde haired woman smiling hand out wide eyed Text says: 8 Marriage Mistakes, Renewed Mama Podcast

8 Things I Have Done Wrong in 20 Years of Marriage

smiling blonde haired woman Text reads: Live Coaching Chat How to Grow Your Business around your kids, Renewed Mama Coaching, business coaching, parent coaching, business success

How to Grow Your Business Around Your Kids

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2 Tips to Parent Well and Speak Life to Your Kids

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