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I'm Kimberly Muhtar
I’m a Coach, Podcaster, Author, and Educator. Best of all, I’m a Home School Mother to three.

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podcast renewed mama by kimberly muhtar The RENEWED MAMA

a Speak Life Badges Podcast

Mama, you pour your heart and soul into all that you do, and when you still feel like it isn't enough, like you aren't enough... when you feel tired, pulled in all directions, like it's too much, it's time to pause and renew.

Listen to real talk with actionable tips and scripts to help you renew your mind, the words you speak, your parenting approach, and your marriage. Stay renewed, Mama!

podcast renewed mama by kimberly muhtar

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two women smiling, harmony, balance and peace in motherhood, it is possible, Special guest Sasha Star Robertson, Intentional Abundance Co, time management, motherhood with God, mom coaching, Renewed Mama Podcast

Harmony in Motherhood

image of two smiling women, the impact our words have, Bailey's story of how negative labels hurt, you choose to speak life or death, positive parenting, Speak Life Badges

The Impact Our Words Have 

woman, mother, smiling at daughter with a coffee cup in her hand, How to apologize to someone you hurt, relationship advice, parenting tips,

How to Apologize to Someone You Hurt 

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