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“All About Me” Austin’s Kids Club

All About Me Postcard

We hope that your child’s day is extra special when they receive mail from Speak Life Badges’ Austin, the hedgehog. Our desire is to create fun, happy correspondence that engages with them and intentionally shares truth, hope, and help for the challenges they face.

With your permission, we invite your child(ren) to share more about themselves through this online “All About Me” form. These questions allow us to connect with them through a handwritten note on their post cards.

We care about your child and all of the special kids in Austin’s Kids Club. We also care about you! We know that at times it can be hard bringing up these amazing kids. If you need any help, please check out our downloadable, printable freebies as well as helpful parenting blogs and videos.

We are also recognizing teachers, educators, and coaches who are making a BIG impact. Is there a fantastic educator who has had a special influence on your child(ren)? We invite you and your child(ren) to nominate them for Speak Life Badges “I Love My Teacher” Appreciation.

We love sending your kids mail to their mailbox! If you do not receive an email reply from Kimberly within three days of submitting the “All About Me” form, please be sure to check your spam folder to make sure the email did not go there. We don’t want your kid to miss out on our fun notes back!

You and your children matter to us.

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Fill out the following “All About Me” questions:

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