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Strife Keeps Showing Up

How to be Done with It

Strife   Conflict.  We all have it.  It exists in all relationships. 

It might be a little spat or argument triggered by little things that if not resolved can grow into bigger issues. 

Strife is the enemy’s, satan’s subtle tool to set a wedge in your marriage, in your family and in your relationships. It’s his tool to get in and break them, steal your unity, and even rob you or your loved ones of life and prosperity.

“Strife is not worth it.  It wastes time, causes so many issues, and makes things messy.  Judgment stinks.  I would rather prosper!”

I wrote this in my journal so many years ago, and it is still true today. Conflict stinks.  Strife is not worth it.  And today we are talking about how you can be done with it. 

In your marriage and in your home, unity is paramount.  Your goal is oneness, wholeness.  Unity is cooperation and cohesion. Being solution oriented. Stronger and safer together. There is mutual support and protection.

That’s the goal in your marriage and in your home.  When you let strife in, it divides or breaks this unity. 

So what do you do when strife comes, when conflict happens, when you just can’t see eye to eye with your spouse or you just can’t persuade that 3 or 13 year old?

Here it is in a nutshell:

  1. Don’t attack with your words
  2. Choose to respond right
  3. Ask clarifying questions to get the whole story
  4. Watch your emotions
  5. Check your perspective
  6. Be the first to step toward reconciliation
  7. Look for the right timing to talk
  8. Consider what are the right words to say before you say anything
  9. When others seek to resolve a conflict with you be open, receptive, and willing to make necessary changes if needed.

Stand guard against anything that comes to break your family’s unity, your cooperation and cohesion.  Stay together as one because you are stronger and safer together.  Stay in mutual support and protection standing for each other, not against.

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I bless you and your marriage and your relationships. Don’t waste time with strife. Step toward reconciliation for a strong, healthy, whole marriage and home.

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