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I am Calling you UP and not OUT

Kimberly on stairs - calling you up and not out

Everyday our kids get called OUT.

Sit down.”

Be quiet.”

Slow down.”

What are you doing to your sister?”

They get called OUT for what they didn’t do.  Instead, call them UP to a higher standard.

Instead of saying, “Stop talking when I’m talking.”

Call them UP by saying…. “I see a lot in you.  I’m calling you up to greatness.  When it’s time to listen, we will all listen.  And when it’s time to talk, I look forward to you sharing.”

Kimberly going up stairs - up and not out

Instead of saying, “What were you thinking?  I’m disappointed in you for going to that party without asking me.”

Call them UP by saying…. “There are great things in store for you.  You are a future thinker.  Sometimes we make choices that feel good in the moment, but may not be the best choice for our future.   The next time you receive a party invitation, would you be open to talking through it together first?  Can we make sure that it’ll be a safe place for you to go; that there will be adult supervision there; and how we can avoid you being put in a difficult situation?  I care about you.”

As Moms, Dads, Educators, we can be aware of the words we choose to say.  We can stop calling them OUT, which invites negativity, criticism, and shame.  Instead, we can call them UP to more, to all that they were meant to be, which invites hope, belief, and blessings on their future.

Share with us in the comments below how you are calling your children and students UP.

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