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Would You Just Clean Up this Mess?!

I got a new set of lenses.  While prescription matters to see better both near and far away, what really matters is my perspective

Here’s what I say: “Would you just clean up this mess?!” 
Here’s what my kids think:  “What mess, Mom?”

It’s not a mess to our kids.

O no!  It is the latest Playmobil jungle!  “See here is the secret buried treasure.  Shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone!  And Mom, here’s your guy.  You have to cross through these dangerous prickly trees…watch out for the quick sand!…to get to the broken bridge.  Hang on to the side ropes to cross over the raging waters to get to the volcanic mountain.  Hurry!  It’s going to explode!  Faster, Mom!  You’ve got to get to the treasure!”

frustrated with big mess

All I see is a mess.
All I can think is, “I will not pick that up after you are in bed.  I refuse!”
All I can say is, “Come on now, just get in bed.  I wish I were in bed already.”

Let me wipe my glasses clean.  Let me change my perspective.  It is not a mess to my kids.

“Wow!  I love all of the amazing things you create with your Legos!  Tell me about this you made.”  Hear them out.  Smile.  Suppress “the messy” thoughts.  Live in the moment.  Then ask, “Would you be willing to pick up the Legos that are on the floor so that no one steps on them?”

Kimberly hugging child in big mess

I commit to a new perspective on “mess” because it is not a mess to my kids.  I’ll stop calling it that.  It is creative play.  It is imagination gone wild.  It is physical, hands on play without even one thought of a device.  I’m game for that! 

With all of that said, it is totally OK and necessary to ask them to clean up to keep peace and joy in our home.

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