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Detox Your Home

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with Special Guest Elyse Rooney, Wholesome Mumma

What is toxic load and how does it affect you in your home and in your health? 

Elyse Rooney, my guest on the Renewed Mama Podcast, shares how you can renew your health by making small but impactful swaps to detox your home and your health.  She discusses beauty products, mess and clutter, food crumbs under your feet, how she cured eczema for her child, and reading product labels.

Hear how Elyse made changes in her home to improve her family’s health, and so can you.

How to Detox your Home and Health

My special guest is Elyse Rooney from the east coast of Australia.   She is a mother to three children, and loves the beach and a Chai latte. Elyse helps moms to step into their calling of homemaking and raising their children while lowering their toxic load. She is passionate about helping overwhelmed moms trade stress for peace and create flow in their home.

In this episode, you’ll hear Elyse share some health challenges her family went through that made her aware of holistic health. Hear the changes she made in her home to improve their health.  She now shares that message with other moms so they can be empowered to take back control of their family’s wellness. 

What’s inside this episode

Elyse shares how to begin detoxing our homes in small steps, one cleaner or perfume or one room at a time. She began with laundry soap which cured her son’s eczema.

Elyse explains how beauty products and perfume or any product with the words “fragrance” on the product label is the first thing to detox from your home.

Elyse and I also talk about staying on top of the housework without getting overwhelmed or frustrated as if we are always cleaning. 

As Elyse said, do what you can with the knowledge you have. Then ask, “Is there something else I can do?  What else is there to learn?”

Your next steps for detoxing your home

If you want help as to how to detox your home, reach out to Elyse and her Home Detox Method.  She will teach you how to remove toxic chemicals from you home in eight weeks or less. 

Elyse is the host of The Wholesome Mumma Show. Tune into her podcast for more inspiration about keeping up with the housework, having a holistic view on health, staying content in homemaking, and embracing all God has for us in motherhood.

Stay tuned for more episodes in this Renew Your Health series on the Renewed Mama Podcast. While it is important to renew our thoughts, words, and responses, there is more of us to renew.  We are whole people.  To renew all of us as Moms, we also need to focus on our health and our home environment.   Stay tuned as we talk about nutrition, sugar cravings, balancing hormones, exercising, supporting our adrenals and thyroids, pelvic floor health, gut health, and more.

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