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Discipline Bears Fruit

Kimberly with fruit bowl - discipline bears fruit

Discipline bears fruit.  I’m not talking here about the kind of discipline that comes as a result of wrong doing.  I don’t mean the time out in a corner or losing IPAD playing privileges.

The kind of discipline I’m referring to is the one that means “doing it even if I don’t want to.” In fact, it’s not about whether we want to do it or not, we do it anyway because it bears fruit in our lives.

We don’t always want to exercise, but we do it because we feel stronger and healthier.

Kimberly on treadmill - discipline bears fruit

We don’t want to drink all the water but we do it anyway because it keeps us hydrated and blesses our complexion.

It would be so easy to say, “I don’t feel like it.” with a whine.  But we don’t.  We can’t.  Besides that’s not who you are.  That’s not who I am.  We find a way to get done what we don’t really want to do.  We get up and we do the thing because the end result, the fruit in our lives, is worth pushing through the “I don’t feel like it.” 

The next time you would much rather procrastinate, remind yourself of the fruit.  Remind yourself of how you’ll feel when you’ve done it.  Go in that strength and enjoy the fruit of your labor. 

Be consistent.  In the end, your success is up to you.  Success will come if you are willing to put in the effort and focus.  What you focus on, you will get more of.

You step up and you do it because you have a specific-to-you, special call on your life.  If you won’t do it, who else will?

If we can teach our children and our students to live by this same principle, they will walk through life empowered.  They will be a success.  They will have vision.  They will know where they are going in life.  They will be proof that the amazing can be accomplished.

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