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Your Child Needs to Hear These Two Things Only

Encouragement and Praise are the two things that your child needs to hear - Renewed Mama Podcast Episode 7

How can you use encouragement and praise to support your children and to speak in a way that resonates with them and is exactly what they need to hear in the moment?

Encouragement is giving someone support, building up their confidence, inspiring courage and hope  Encouragement is joyful.

Encouragement is like your cheerleader cheering you on and pepping you up. 

It sounds like:
“You are awesome!”                           
“You are the best!”
“You are so good at that.” 
“You are amazing.”

Encouragement celebrates effort and inspires your children to keep going.  It isn’t specific meaning going into great detail as to why or what they did well, just “great job.  You are good at that.”

Praise is specific and speaks to the character or behavior of your child.  Praise is warm approval or genuine admiration for someone. Giving praise is commending someone for their outstanding achievement.

It’s like a standing ovation at the end of a symphony or a ballet of the Nutcracker or Sleeping Beauty.  It is the approval of a most excellently done performance with genuine admiration for the skill and talent of the performers because we all know I can’t dance or play an instrument like that!

Now I understand that the terms encouragement and praise can be used interchangeably or you might have even heard them explained in different ways than what I just did.

Let’s not get hung up on the difference between the two, instead let’s focus on how to incorporate both encouragement and praise to support your children and to speak in a way that resonates with them and is exactly what they need to hear in the moment.

Because at the end of the day, your children don’t care about the definitions between the two words.  They just want to know that you mean what you say and that you support them and unconditionally love them.

In this podcast episode, I’ll give you exact words or scripts you can say to your child using both praise and encouragement. We’ll relate these to the different personalities your children may have. We’ll talk about not giving up, sharing, cleaning up, focus, independence, making right choices, school work challenges, patience, lending a helping hand, working with excellence, and being creative. Grab a paper and a pencil and take notes.

Would you share in the comments below how these scripts and suggestions helped you? Record a testimony or a question by sending a voice message using the recording feature found one the main page of  I’d love to hear from you.

I bless you to realize that you can intentionally speak life and truth using both encouragement and praise when speaking to yourself, your children, your spouse even in the midst of the chaos.

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