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Encouragement versus Praise. Is there a Difference?

Kimberly encouraging or praising her child

This is what encouragement sounds like.

You are awesome!”
You are the best!”
You are so good.”
You are amazing.”

Encouragement is good to use with our children and our students.  But if all we use is encouragement, what happens when they don’t make the right choice?  Are they no longer the best?  Are they no longer awesome?  Did they stop being a good girl or a good boy? 

Praise, on the other hand, speaks to the character of your child or students and plants the right seed in their heart about who they are as a person.

 It sounds like:

You chose right in that situation.  How wise of you.”

You worked with excellence.  How did that make you feel?”

I couldn’t help but notice how you patiently waited your turn.  You could have pushed and shoved your way to the front.  Instead you honored those around you by being patient.”

Kimberly encouraging or praising her child

With genuine praise such as this, you anchor the truth about who they are to the action or the behaviour they demonstrate.

They are a right choice maker.

All that their hands touch can be blessed and done with excellence.

They do think of others as more important than themselves.

Our children and students need a healthy balance of both praise and encouragement.  Speak Life Badges incorporates praise and encouragement throughout the scripts, so use these as a guide of what to say as you award a badge today.

Kimberly with Speak Life Badges script in book

If this is helpful to you, please pass this content on to a friend.  As always, if you need more insight or want me to cover something specifically, comment below and let me know how I can help.

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