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Kimberly with FAQ question mark, which book should I buy

Am I paying now?

Payment will be taken when you place an order.  If an item is back ordered or more books need to be printed, we will keep you updated on the arrival time.

Do I pay shipping?

Yes, you choose your shipping preference.  Speak Life Badges has negotiated really great shipping rates with Canada Post and will pass the savings on to you.

Can books be shipped internationally?

We foresee most of our market being in the US and Canada.  However, we will make the shipping option to international destinations available.  Our main concern is how the VAT and duty will affect you once it enters your home country.  Please note that the buyer is responsible for all duty and taxes.

If I am local to Speak Life Badges, may I pick up my book(s)?

Unfortunately, we do not have a location for pickup of regular orders at this time.  If you are buying several books or have a large orders and would like to make pickup arrangements, please contact us before purchase.

Do I pay taxes?

Taxes are applicable on all items shipped to Canadian addresses.  Books are taxed at 5% GST, all other items have 13% HST.  If you are shipping outside of Canada, there are no taxes applied on the items; however, you may be required to pay duties and taxes for crossing the border.

We hope to have a shipping location from within the USA soon.  Watch for announcements.

What if I am unhappy with my purchase? May I get a refund?

We sincerely hate to hear when someone isn’t happy with their purchase.  While purchases from Speak Life Badges are non-refundable since they are consumable products, they are sharable.  So we offer you a forward guarantee.
If, after you have Speak Life Badges book(s) in your possession, you aren’t happy with it for any reason whatsoever, then we invite you to pay it forward.  We, at Speak Life Badges encourage you to pass the sticker award book on to a friend, a colleague, a grandparent, a relative, an educator – someone you think might like and use the sticker award book(s) to their child’s benefit.

Nothing simpler. You gave it a try, and now you get to be generous to someone, which always feels great and always comes back around to you.

Our goal is to keep improving everything we offer. Would you share the reason Speak Life Badges sticker award books weren’t the right fit for you? Please do so at

Can I buy Speak Life Badges on Amazon?

Speak Life Badges is available for purchase only on our website.  We anticipate being on Amazon in the future as we scale our business.

Which book should I buy?

I Am Special is considered “Book 1” and is geared towards children ages 3-12.  Address areas of character growth through short and simple badge phrases that say: I Obey Right Away, I Am Thankful; I Share; I Forgive; I Choose Right; I Speak the Truth; I Am Diligent; I Am Faithful; I Am Kind; I Am Gentle; I Am Joyful; I Am Loving; I Am a Helper; I Am Creative; I Am Loved; I Am Strong; I Am a Warrior; I Am Brave; I Overcame Fear; I Am Successful; I Am Special; I Am Important; I Am Beautiful; I Am Handsome. 

There are 24 badge phrases with three (3) sticker awards for each badge phrase; a total of 72 stickers. Each badge phrase has a corresponding script to know what words to say as you award the badge. Scripts include “This Mama’s Tip!” and other helpful parenting suggestions.

I Am Priceless is considered “Book 2” and is geared towards children ages 6-13. Address more specific character growth through badge phrases such as: I Obey with Joy!; I Choose Joy; I Share; I Forgive; I Speak Good Words; I Choose Right Words – Not Silly Talk; I Am Persistent; I Am Honoring; I Am Thoughtful; I Am Patient; I Put Others First; I Walk in Love; I Am Self-Controlled; I Am Hardworking; I Am a Good Friend; I Am Courageous; I Am a Winner; I Am a Champion; I Am Committed; I Am Wise; I Am Extraordinary; I Am Priceless; I Have Purpose; I Am Generous.

There are 24 badge phrases with three (3) sticker awards for each badge phrase; a total of 72 stickers. Just like I Am Special, I Am Priceless includes basic script phrases just one to two lines long to say as you award the badge. However, I Am Priceless takes the character growth further through special “Take It to the Next Level” teaching scripts geared to the older child or to the child with whom you have already been working to develop a specific character trait.

I Am Smart is designed specifically for the classroom, tutoring, and home education. With 156 sticker badges (26 different award phrases) and their corresponding scripts, you as a teacher, tutor, principal, and home schooling parent can motivate your struggling student as well as encourage your diligent student to reach higher. Address distractions or conflicts that may arise in a positive way through awarding badges and speaking life.

Includes phrases such as: I Sit Up Straight and Tall; I Sit Well; I Had a Great Smile Today; My Smile Brings Joy to Others; I Listened Today; I Did a Great Job!; I Did Amazing Today!; I Use My Energy to Do Amazing Work!; I Use Time Wisely; I Stayed Faithful to the Task; I Work with Excellence; I Follow Directions; Look at My Neat Penmanship; I Do Neat Work!; I Can Do Math!; I Am a Great Reader!; It’s Easy! I’ve Got This!; I Faced a Challenge Today and Succeeded!; I Did Not Give Up. I Kept Trying.; I Came Prepared Today; I Did My Homework!; I Am Willing to Learn; I Am Eager to Learn; I Am Teachable; I Am Smart; I Share.

Includes six badges for each badge phrase. Includes space to record the name of the student to whom you awarded a badge and on what date.

My child is five.  Which Speak Life Badges book should I buy?

I Am Special would be perfect for your five year old. 

I have a four year old and a nine year old.  Which Speak Life Badges book should I buy?

I Am Special would be just right for your four year old and I Am Priceless would benefit your nine year old.  However, you do not have to buy both books.  We suggest you purchase I Am Priceless and modify the words to the understanding of your four year old.  Both will love receiving the badges and will soak up your special words of life.

What do I do when I have used up all of the sticker badges?

Speak Life Badges provides badge refill packs for each of the three books, I Am Special; I Am Priceless; and I Am Smart.    Visit to purchase a refill pack for the script book you have already purchased.  Badge refill packs cannot be purchased without having previously purchased the corresponding script book.  Script books must accompany all sticker badges for achieving the greatest impact towards speaking life.

How do I use the script book and stickers?

How many stickers are in each book?

I Am Special and I Am Priceless include 24 badge phrases with three (3) sticker awards for each badge phrase; so a total of 72 stickers. I Am Smart includes 26 different award phrases with six (6) for each badge phrase; so a total of 156 stickers.

Can I use these badges and scripts for adults?

While Speak Life Badges are geared towards children ages 3-13, we shout a great big, “Yes!” It feels great to be recognized and even adults can have fun and enjoy a good laugh as they proudly wear their Speak Life sticker on their shirt.  And remember, the greatest impact are your sincere words spoken to encourage, motivate and edify.  So use any or all of the script to bless a friend.  The scripts are words of truth no matter what age you are.

I have an idea for a badge phrase.  Who do I send it to?

We would love to hear your badge phrase idea!  You are welcome to send your idea to  We would also love to hear the stories of when you gave a badge and saw its impact in your child or student’s life.  Send us a picture and email us the story at

What if my child struggles with anger, fear, and strong insecurities?

We are excited that you are reaching out to Speak Life Badges as a tool to use to help your child overcome anger, fear, and insecurities.  You are welcome to read through our blog posts at where we share some tips.  We are in the process of creating a Client Portal where we can work more one-on-one through your concern for your child.  In the meantime, you are more than welcome to ask a specific question through email at  Kimberly would be pleased to answer your question and recommend some things to try.

You are in a safe community of moms, dad, grandparents, teachers, and mentors of kids.  Although we aren’t perfect and don’t have all the answers… we do have a love and passion to see children grow to their full potential.  That also means helping you be the best parent, grandparent, tutor, or teacher you can be.  We want to help however we can.

Did we miss something?

Please send any other questions you may have to  We will answer you as soon as possible and will add the question here if appropriate.

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