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For Moms Who Feel Like They are Failing

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This is for moms who feel like they are failing as a mom.

Maybe you have a wide range of ages to teach at the same time and you feel like you are not meeting everyone’s needs so you must be failing them.

One of your children is really struggling with learning difficulties.  It’s a good thing you caught yourself today before you said, “Why can’t you get this?  I don’t know how else to explain it to you?” Is it just better to send them back to school?

Maybe no one is interested in the curriculum.  You are doing everything you can to make it interesting and fun and not all textbooks, but you still feel pushback.  They are bored, unmotivated, and easily distracted.  They just want to play video games.

Mom life, homeschool, household chores, working part time or growing a business….it all gets mixed together and it’s a lot to balance it all.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Do you feel like you are failing because you paused a career to stay home with your children?  Now the family finances are less and sometimes you wonder if the family would be better off if you had stayed working.

How do you know if your child is behind or on par with other kids their age?  There’s not a lot of metrics or gauges to know if your child is learning what they need to know.

You see other homeschool families doing wonderful things.  You see all of their outings and crafts and lapbooks on social media.  They must be learning so much while you’re at home opening up the workbooks.  Surely you are failing your kids by not giving them all of those exciting experiences.

You feel pressure to make sure that your children are well-rounded, good citizens, in lots of extra-curricular activities, and well vacationed.

With your first child, you pushed them wanting to give them the best so they could be perfect.  They were reading at five years old and now your youngest, after four kids, is seven and barely reading.  You must be failing them.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Is this the tape that replays in your mind making you feel like you are failing?

Mom, It’s Normal to Feel Like You are Failing

All of these thoughts and concerns are a normal part of being a mom and a homeschooling mom.  You are not alone.  Why don’t you say, “Whew!  I am normal.  I am not alone.”

Having these concerns and feeling this way means that you care.  You want to do everything you can to see your children succeed.  

However, constantly feeling like you are failing is draining.  It makes you second guess your mom intuition and steals your joy.

I’m here to help you to gain a strong mom mindset so that you stop feeling like a failure and enjoy being the homeschool mom you want to be. 

Discover Who You Are as Mom in this Video

Push play on the video below to understand who you are as a mom and what kind of mom you want to be. This will help you to have a strong mom mindset. I am super excited for what you will learn about yourself through this video.

Grab this Free Printable Fun Sheet

Before you push play on the video above, print this FREE PDF Guide. Fill it out while you watch the video to help you gain a strong mom mindset. No one else but you decides if you are failing as a mom. Use the questions inside the guide to form your own, true to you, benchmark for the mom you are and the mom you want to be.

Sign up to download and print this FREE guide now.

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Turn Your New Insight into Action

For moms who feel like they are failing, as you were answering the questions, what did you discover about the mom you are and the mom you want to be? Share in the comments. I want to hear from you!

I encourage you to review your “I am” statements regularly, as often as you need to, for as long as you need to so that you renew your mind and encourage yourself in who you are as a mom.

Then when you scroll through social or chat over tea in your mom’s group, you are clear on the kind of mom you are and the mom you are growing to be. You can confidently say, “That’s great for her, but this is me.  That is great for their family, but this is what’s right for my family.”

The next time the thought that you are failing creeps back into your mind, you can say: “This is the kind of mom I am” and pull out your “I am” statements.

If the day goes all wrong, you can say, “I did the best I could today.  Tomorrow will be better. Here’s what I am thankful for about today. Is there something else that I can do today or tomorrow that will make this better?”

One thing I know, Mama, is the biggest work you will do each day is to work on your thoughts and your perspective. Knowing who you are and the kind of mom you want to be is how you keep the right thoughts and perspective.  It’s how you have a strong mom mindset.

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