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Get It All Done as a Mom

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How can you get it all done as a mom?

Do you catch yourself saying, “I have so many things to do today.  I don’t have enough time to get it all done.  I’m always running behind.” 

Are you hard on yourself saying, “I should have done this yesterday”?

Do you make a to-do list with a “reasonable” amount of things on the list, but it’s really way more things than you can practically do in a day?

Time. We all have 24 hours in a day.  How can you get it all done as a mom even when it feels like you don’t have enough time? 

Push play, Mama.  Let’s dive in.


Mama, I want to encourage you today about time.  This has been one of my biggest struggles. 

So I want to help you stop the tape replaying in your mind of “My to-do list is so long.  I have so many things to do today.”  No more feeling defeated thinking that it’s totally possible to get all the things done and at the end of the day having only done two.

I don’t want you to keep feeling like you are always running behind. Let’s break these lies today by replacing them with truth. 


Here’s the truth about getting it all done as a mom:


Time is on your side.  God is on your side.  Say, I trust You, God, to help me to get done what concerns me today in good time. 

Psalm 138:8  The Lord will accomplish what concerns me.

Say, “This is exciting. God always show up when I need more time to get it all done.”


You are right on time.  This mindset truth is from Amber McCue.  She is an encouragement when it comes to accomplishing what you need to in your life and your business without feeling like you are always behind or you that missed an opportunity.  When you feel like that say out loud, “I am right on time.” 


You honor God with your time.  You manage time well.  You stay on task and resist distractions. 

When I say distractions, I’m not talking your children!  How many times have we allowed ourselves to be annoyed when our children interrupt us?  No, they are not distractions.  I mean social media as a distraction, the news, checking your email every time a new one drops into your inbox, not enough sleep (exhaustion), and not eating foods that fuel your body.  Those are the distractions that take you away from your work task at hand not your children.


Every day you get better at accomplishing more in less time. 

God will give you ideas on how to accomplish more in less time.  Just ask Him.  How can I work smarter in this?  Can I systematize this or automate this?  Who can I get to help me do this?  Can my children do this now that they are older?

Time is on your side, Mama.  God is on your side and is ready to help you accomplish the things you need to do today.  You are right on time.  You manage time well.  Every day you get better at accomplishing more in less time. 


Remember, “The people who know their God will display strength and take action.”  Daniel 11:32

In order to get it all done as a Mom get up and take action.  Get going.


Let me give you a few practical suggestions for managing time well and staying on task that have really helped me.


Make a plan of what you are going to do and when you’ll do it. This means setting “office hours” or making an “appointment” and then sticking to that appointment as if it were a dentist appointment.  You show up for the dentist appointment, don’t you?  So show up for the task you have set.

A noble man (a good leader) devises noble plans; and by noble plans he stands.”  Isaiah 32:8

I know you are thinking, but I have small children who need me all throughout the day.  Where do I find “office hours” or how do I set an “appointment” and actually get things done uninterrupted?

Great question.  If you need to, set your office hours early.  I have been a 4 am – 5 am riser for eight years now.  It gives me three uninterrupted hours before the kids get up to work.  This time is golden!  I love this quiet time to myself.  I do my morning routine, make my coffee, and get to work.

We do need our sleep, Mamas, so I’m just telling you that you need to go to bed by 9 pm to keep this sustainable for the long term. 

Or you work after the kids go to bed. Whichever works best for you.


Teach your children that it’s Mommy’s “work” time or Mommy’s “focus” time. 

When the girls were small, I made a chart for the fridge that had the hours of the day down the side and three columns: Daddy, Mommy, and the girls.

I had pictures of things we did in the day laminated with a magnet on the back.  We’d plan our day by putting the magnets by the time we would do it.   They could see when Daddy was at work, when we would go to the library, and when we would practice their letters or numbers. We would put up a magnetic picture for when we would eat and what they wanted to do while I was tutoring or when I worked at my desk.

This chart of our day’s activities gave them the opportunity to choose what they wanted to do (ownership of the day’s schedule) and it taught them time and length of time. It also helped them to see when Mommy’s “focus time” to work was and helped me to keep it like an appointment.

We don’t use that chart anymore because they are much older now, but if I need to work at my desk for an hour in the afternoon, I’ll still ask them, “What will you do while I work?”  They’re old enough now to take care of themselves, but I ask because I like them to be purposeful with their time.


Have one tab open at a time on your computer instead of twenty. Eliminate the distractions.

lady sitting on her bed looking at her phone scrolling social media, tips for social media time management for moms, Renewed Mama Coaching


When you choose to scroll social media, set a timer for 10-15 minutes and only scroll during those 10-15 minutes. 

It has been a game changer for me to take FB and IG off my phone.  I just removed social off of my IPAD because I found myself grabbing my IPAD instead of my phone and scrolling there.  Different device.  Same time spent. 

I used to catch myself doing endless scrolling around 8 am and 11 am….zone out times because I worked super focused in my early morning hours and since I was up so early I would get the normal afternoon slump around 11 am. But at 8 am the kids were up and getting breakfast and 11 am we were right in the middle of our home school morning. These are not good times to scroll on social media to zone out or to have a mental break.  I didn’t want to demonstrate with my actions that my phone and social was more important than my children.  So I put a screen saver on my phone with a picture of my kids that reads, “Why am I going to my phone?”  This worked until I just decided to take FB and IG off my phone altogether. 

Not having social platforms on my phone or IPAD means I’m more present in the moment. It also forces me to use my desktop computer for FB and IG which requires me to be intentional about going on social platforms during my morning business hours.  Is it really worth it to scroll or do I have other tasks to do before the kids wake up? 


My best suggestion for getting tasks like clean up chores, laundry, and meal prep accomplished at home is to involve the kids.  It takes longer at first to train them in how to do a task, but you can give them little things to do based on their age.  We love putting music on and everyone gets to work helping in some way.

I promise you, Mama. Your patience now to train them to help out will pay off! Now I enjoy the fruit of training them young to help out. 

We did excavating work around our house.  It was three days of non-stop work while we rented the big equipment.  Guess who made lunches and dinners for us?  The kids. 

I was out getting groceries one day.  Andrew was working from home, but couldn’t help the youngest two make lunch.  I called them up and said, “I’m on my way home with the groceries, but then we need to go on to pick up my oldest from what she was doing and go on to pick up our new kittens, so can you make lunch?”  They said, “Yes, Mommy” and were already eating their chicken quesadillas with homemade guacamole when I got home.

Get your children to help around the house. 


I used to get annoyed when I would complain to Andrew that I didn’t have enough time to get everything done in a day and he’d say, “Are you prioritizing the right things?”  “There was no need to prioritize because it all had to get done,” I’d grumble back. That was how I thought.

But I’ve learned over the years that it can’t all get done and it all doesn’t have to. 

Mama, you do not have to do it all.  It’s OK to let things go.  Say “No” when you need to. 

Some things are great ideas but not the right idea for now.  Maybe later in a different season of life, you can come back to that idea.  But for now, in the current season you are in (whatever that is…new baby, toddlers, homeschooling, working and homeschooling, building a business, gardening) you focus on what is most important now.

Evaluate:  “Is this important or not?  Is it good but not necessary?  Can this wait or it must be done today or this week?

Do what moves you, your family, your business forward right here, right now. 

Consider what your long-term family and career or business goals are and work backwards, making decisions today that bring you and your family closer to those goals while staying in line with your values and vision.

lady sitting on her bed looking at her watch, tips for time management for moms, positive parenting solutions, Renewed Mama Coaching


Now you might be saying, “This all sounds nice, Kimberly, but I am having a hard time believing these time truths because I really am always behind, running late, or rushing around because time really is not on my side.”

“I can tell you all the times I’ve been late.  People have left without me.  All the times I’ve had to change diaper blow outs or find lost shoes last minute.”

“That’s what my past experiences have been.  I am just a late person.  I misjudge time.”

Mama, I totally understand.  I still find myself late at times and not because of the kids.  I say, “I have 5 minutes before we need to go.  I can put in some laundry.  I’ll just put these dishes in the dishwasher so the kitchen is clean.” And I get late because I decided to do another “5 minute” task.

Mama, we are renewed Mamas together!

If you are having a hard time believing these time truths because you really are always behind, running late, or rushing around, I am proud of you for acknowledging this.  And I’m going to ask you to keep going.  Don’t stop there with that limiting belief. 

Say, “I’m coming to learn that time is on my side. God is on my side and is ready to help me accomplish the things I need to do today.  I am right on time.  I manage time well.  Every day I get better at accomplishing more in less time.” 

“So I’m attaching new faith, a renewed faith for the time God gives me each day, each moment. I will work as until Him and I will declare that time is on my side.”

Yes, and Amen to that. I bless you, Mama, with these truths.


Do you know another Mama who struggles to get it all done?  Who is always rushing and feels behind.  Would you share the love by sending her this podcast episode?  I know she will thank you.


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