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Get My Kids to Sit Still

Video 1 - How Can I Get My kids to Sit Still

How do you get your KIDS to sit still while they do their work? 

Watch this episode of @ Home with the KIDS to find out.

We want to hear from you.  Did you like this video?  Share in the comments below how you help your KIDS to sit still so that they get their work accomplished.

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  1. Antje Hurlburt says

    Hi Kimberly!
    Thanks for this! I definitely found it helpful and especially loved the “they don’t have to sit” option! Fantastic! I started giving my little guy the option to resume on his own time today and he randomly popped back to keep working on his own rather than me pushing him. I think the harder parts for my slightly older daughter are motivation and distractions around her (honestly anything…even her pencil!) 🙂

    • Kimberly Muhtar says

      Hi Antje, it is so great to hear this win for your little guy! Continue to encourage him that his mind knows when he needs a quick break. Share how you are proud of him for staying faithful to his work – to take that quick break and then to return back to his work ready to focus again.

      We’ll be talking about how to motivate our children during our Q&A Thursday (1:00 EST on FB and IG Live) on Thursday, May 14. Perhaps some of the suggestions shared then will help your daughter. Until then try demonstrating to her (as if a mirror image) of what being distracted looks like (ie: playing with her pencil, doodling, staring out the window). Even share some things that you have done in the past when you have felt distracted and didn’t want to do what you needed to.

      Ask her, “Would you like to take a little or a lot of time to do your school work?” When she says a little, ask, “How does getting easily distracted make your school work take a lot of time?” “What can you do to avoid some of these distractions?” She comes up with the solutions. Then ask, “When I see you getting a little distracted, how would you like me to encourage you to stay focused?”
      Would you let us know how it goes?

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