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Help!  My Child Continually Says No!

lady pointing in the air saying "Help! My Child Continually Says No!"

What do I do when my child continually says “No” when I’m trying to speak to him about kindness.   How can I speak to him and grab his attention?  – Alicia

She explained that him continually saying “no” is an “I don’t want to listen to you.”  She’s speaking and he interrupts her with “no.” 

I know that children test boundaries and are finding their place in this world, but him continually saying “no” as an “I don’t want to listen to you” and interrupting her is dishonor and disrespect. 

He is showing an unteachable heart that is not willing to yield, to listen, and to learn from his Mama who truly wants to teach him about kindness.

There is no negotiating with a 3 year old, 4 year old, 7 year old, 12 year old for that matter when it comes to disrespect and dishonoring mom, dad, or a sibling. You uphold respect and honor for each other as a high standard in your home.

Push play on the video below to hear the tips to grab your child’s attention as well as the scripts I suggest you say the next time your child continually says “No!”

Mama, I bless you.  You get up each morning and you give and give with everything in you and you are still here, watching with a teachable heart to do the best you can for your husband and those sweet children of yours.  You are priceless.

All of my love to you.  If you have any questions like Alicia did, I am here to help. 

Ask your question by sending me a voice message using the recording app found on the main page of  Or ask your question in the comments below.

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