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How Much Screen Time Should My Kids Get this Summer?

How much screen time should your children have each day?

What else can your kids do this summer besides screen time? What other activities can your kids do that will keep them creative and independent so that you can have some quiet time to myself?

Listen in to this episode of Q&A Thursday as I share how you can keep your kids creative and independent without needing to entertain them with screen time.

We have covered a lot of ground in this Q&A Thursday, including:

3:24 – Establish boundaries or rules for your children’s screen time. Let’s talk quantity first. How much screen time should your children have each day? What time of day should they have screen time?

Discuss the rules for screen time with your children. Come to a happy agreement as a family and stick to it.

10:45 – Here’s the one thing your children shouldn’t miss out on in order to have screen time. If there is anything more important than screen time, this is it.

12:27 – When it comes to screen time, it is important to talk about their attitudes, especially when it comes time to stop playing video games. Do they stop playing video games with a good attitude and “Thank you for letting us play,” or do they complain and beg for more?

13:30 – What do we do when screen time seems to consume our children? It’s all they talk about? It’s all they want to do?

15:29 – Have I used IPAD time or a movie as a babysitter? Yes. Haven’t we all? Listen in as I share more about this.

17:38 – So what else can your children do this summer besides screen time? Listen in as I share some suggestions in this Q&A Thursday. You can also check out the Q&A Thursday linked below where I share lots of things that your children can do to stay creative and independent.

Link them to “I feel overwhelmed. Like I always need to entertain my kids” “Creative and Independent” blog post.

19:24 – All through July and August, there are fun, new episodes every Tuesday on @ Home with the KIDS – Summer Edition. My daughter, Charis and I share lots of fun games, activities, and challenges in each episode that your children can do at home.

@ Home with the KIDS – Summer Edition

21:24 – All through July and August, with each purchase of the I Am Loved Journal for kids ages 7-13, you will receive a double walled strawed tumbler for free ($10 value). Use the coupon code: kidsclub.

Now I would love to hear from you.

Did those suggestions help?

What rules will you establish in your home around screen time?

Important:   Share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments.  Keep your comments positive, as no bad attitudes are allowed here.  Nor is judgment or criticism allowed.  We are here to cheer each other on in this amazing parenting journey together.  Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

It’s important that you hear this:

We want independent, self-sufficient, creative kids. We want problem solvers. We want to encourage imagination, role playing, reading, creating, re-purposing, exploring, and inventing. Encourage your children to choose other fun activities to do besides just playing video games and watching movies.

Have an amazing summer with your kids!


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