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How to Win at Home Schooling: Tip #5

Got to get that writing practice in! They could really use some help with their spelling! And penmanship, well! That’s a work in progress.

“Hmmmm……what to get the kids to write about now?” you ask. Why not write to a new friend, Austin, Speak Life Badges’ fun loving hedgehog?

Listen in on Kimberly’s challenge.

Here are a few other suggestions of what your kids can write to Austin about:

1) Their sports team and their favorite thing about playing

2) They could write up a comic strip and draw all of the fun photos.

3) They could share some jokes or fun facts they know.

4) If they already have a business or would like to create a business, tell Austin all about it! Who is their customer? What is their product or service? How does it help the world?

Scan and email what your child has written or created to Austin at He promises to email them back!

Spread the word to another home schooling friend or family member. Austin will be happy to help your child love writing!

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