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“I Am Loved” Kids Journal is coming!

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We are super excited to announce that Speak Life Badges “I Am Loved” Kids Journal will be here in time for Christmas.

The “I Am Loved Journal” for kids is a fun, colourable, interactive keepsake journal for kids ages 7-13.  The magnificent Austin, Speak Life Badges’ fun loving hedgehog guides children through the journal and joins them on the activity pages.  The Journal includes over 92 pages of fun with word searches, doodle pages, crossword puzzles, teaching pages, declarations, journaling pages, and so many more “surprises!”  The “I Am Loved Journal” also includes pages for them to keep the Speak Life Badges that they have earned, and to journal about how they received each one.

This is a custom designed journal to encourage children in whom they are as a person and who they can grow to become.  This journal was created to “grow with them” as the activities and teaching pages vary in learning and comprehension levels.  For a younger child at age 7, you can choose to read along with them and enjoy discussing the teaching pages while the same teaching pages are relatable and a “must have” for an older child at age 13.   The journal becomes a keepsake to remind them of all the things that they loved, accomplished, won at, overcame, and learned in their childhood years.

I am Loved Kids Activity Journal

“I Am Loved” for Kids

available now in our on-line shop.

A perfect gift in time for Christmas!

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