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I Love My Teacher

I Nominate My Teacher!

A truly great teacher, educator, tutor, and coach is one-of-a-kind.

So faithful, caring, and patient.

Doing all things with the student in mind.

Their influence is lasting.

Impossible to forget.

We want to honor our teachers for making a difference every day.

Here’s your chance to say

to your child’s favorite teacher, educator, tutor, and coach.

Nominate them today for Speak Life Badges’ “I Love My Teacher” Appreciation.

Together you and your child can tell us what you appreciate and admire most about your child’s educator; and we will thank them with a special certificate and a gift. Each child who nominates their teacher, educator, tutor or coach will receive a special gift for speaking life about their teacher.

Spread the word about Speak Life Badges’ “I Love My Teacher” Appreciation!  We would love to see educators from every state of America and every province of Canada nominated and appreciated!

Fill out the form below to nominate your teacher!

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