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Entrepreneurs are always learning and staying teachable. We want to help you as Kid Entrepreneurs to keep learning. One way we’ll do that is by learning from other entrepreneurs who have gone before us and began their own businesses. We’ll hear about their service and product businesses. We’ll hear what mistakes they made, the challenges they faced, the victories they won, and the wonderful people they serve and help. Enjoy these interviews!

Past Kid Maker Days

The Kids Entrepreneur Maker Day – Christmas Edition is where moms, dads, kids, and grandparents can buy Christmas presents and stocking stuffers that are designed and hand crafted by kid entrepreneurs! Do all of your Christmas shopping here! The first forty shopping guests to the Kids Entrepreneur Maker Day – Christmas Edition will receive a goodie bag to take home. 

Here’s just a few things to remember for Saturday, November 5th.

Push play to watch a video of our first Kids Maker Day.

Special Videos for our Kid Entrepreneurs

Push play to learn about what an entrepreneur is.

Push play to learn how entrepreneurs solve problems through their products and services.

Can lemonade and cookies solve problems? Push play to learn how.

Not sure what product to make for the Maker Day? I ask you two questions to help you figure that out.

Still not sure what to make for the Maker Day?

Now it’s time to figure out what to charge for your product. Push play to learn how.

You want to make some money, right? How much do you want to make on each item you sell? Push play to learn more about profit.

You know what will set your product apart from the rest? Making your product with excellence. Push play to learn what that means.

How can you set up your table at the Maker Day that will have everyone stopping by to see what you have for sale?

What do you say when someone stops by and asks what you have for sale?

It’s only 4 days away from the Maker Day! Here’s a few reminders to help make this day great!

We are super excited to see you shine as a Kid Entrepreneur. The products you create are special and unique because they were made by YOU! We are excited for you to offer them for sale to all of the shoppers who come. Invite your family and friends to stop by.

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