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Speak Life Badges Book Presale

Your Guide to Speaking Life in a way that changes hearts, homes, and destinies

A Tool to Change Futures!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Our Story

Speak Life Badges began January 2017 when my husband and I were attending a conference in beautiful sunny Florida. An idea came to mind where I envisioned the “Hello, my name is….” stickers that are usually worn at meet and greets. I was inspired to make similar sticker badges for kids.

I knew that the badges needed to have an “I Am…..” message that kids could claim as their own. The idea was that as they wore the badge, they would speak the words over themselves and believe them.

Before we returned home, I had three notebook pages of badge phrases and thoughts behind what these badges should say and be about.

I went home and made simple sticker badges using Avery labels. I began using them with my children and tutoring students. As I awarded each sticker badge, I intentionally chose the words I would say to help my children and my tutoring students believe what the badge phrase said. I began writing “scripts” or suggestions for what to say as each badge was awarded. I tried these scripts out and revised them when I didn’t see “the light bulb” go off or their attitude change from “I can’t do this. It’s too hard.” To “I’ve got this! I can do this.”

That is how Speak Life Badges began.

What is Speak Life Badges?

It is a beautiful, necessary thing as a parent, grandparent, teacher, and tutor to empower our children and students to believe the truth about who they are, especially when there are so many voices telling them who they should or shouldn’t be.

Speak Life Badges are sticker award badges and script books designed specifically to help you to encourage, motivate, and speak life into your children and students whom you influence.

Speak Life Badges provides scripts of what words to intentionally say to your children instead of defaulting to shouting, shaming, or speaking out in frustration.

For teachers and tutors, Speak Life Badges is a tool to use to acknowledge your students’ hard work, help motivate them to stay focused, and to pre-game them in areas of difficulty to work with excellence and with a good attitude. We provide you as their teacher the words to say to speak to their hearts as you award the badge. Now they can own the truth about who they are and who they can become as they wear the words on their sticker badge. Watch their faces light up, their shoulders lift, and their work improve.

The words of life that you intentionally say and the badges you award will remind your children of the truth of who they are and who they can become.

Speak Life Badges Stickers and lego toys
I am a Champion Speak Life Badges script

“I have been using my complimentary copy of Speak Life Badges for some amazing people and the results are beyond my wildest dreams. I want to buy copies and gift them. I want to spread the joy and share the wonder.”

I am Handsome sticker badge

Perks & Rewards

The following table summarizes the Perks and Rewards, their price and how many are available for the CROWDFUND. Pick your perk, look for it on the Right Column and add it to your cart! Once the 1st Run items (in hand) are sold please order 2nd Run options and we’ll get them to you as soon as possible!

Thank You Card & Sticker
 Thank You Card$10N/A
I Am Special – EARLY BIRD – 1st RUN
(1 Per Order)
See your child grow I Am Special Badge book Front$42
I Am Priceless – EARLY BIRD – 1st Run
(1 Per Order)
Child Character Growth I Am Priceless Book Cover$42
I Am Smart Book – EARLY BIRD -1st Run
(1 Per Order)
Classroom and home education aid I am Smart Book Cover$60
(1 Per Order)
Child Character Growth I Am Priceless Book CoverChild Character Growth I Am Priceless Book CoverChild Character Growth I Am Priceless Book Cover$126
(1 Per Order)
See your child grow I Am Special Badge book FrontChild Character Growth I Am Priceless Book Cover$84
(1 Per Order)
Classroom and home education aid I am Smart Book CoverClassroom and home education aid I am Smart Book CoverClassroom and home education aid I am Smart Book CoverClassroom and home education aid I am Smart Book CoverClassroom and home education aid I am Smart Book Cover$300
(1 Per Order)
Classroom and home education aid I am Smart Book CoverChild Character Growth I Am Priceless Book CoverClassroom and home education aid I am Smart Book Cover$144
Three happy girsl with Speak Life Badges stickers

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you have done with Charlotte. She always comes home upbeat and positive. That reading sticker was one she showed off with pride! She told me no one has ever made her feel so happy about her reading like that.”

Boy receiving I am a champion sticker
Girl being generous and sharing with others

“I had the most eye opening experience with this badge system. It helped me to see how praise and encouragement can not only get you better results, but also build your children up in their character! It is so easy to get into a routine of getting upset, but this really helped keep me on a better track!”

I am beautiful sticker on girl


Here are some pictures of our journey! We can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

Speak Life Badges

Second Run Mailed Out
Second Run Mailed Out
Launch Party
Launch Party
Second Run Ordered
Second Run Ordered

Why Crowdfunding?

We have seen how powerful these scripts and badges are. We want to get these books into as many homes and schools as possible. To do this we need the books to be affordable. Everything in the printing business gets less expensive with volume.

To keep the book costs down our printer requires minimum orders of 1000 copies per run. Our Launch (crowdfunding campaign) target will make it possible for us to print that next run!

But we have a BHAG – BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS goal to put 10,000 copies into the hands of parents, teachers, and other caregivers in our pre-sale!

Would you join us in our effort to help children change their destinies and live to their full potential? If so, please please pick a Launch Perk on the right column. By purchasing one you will be contributing to our Launch campaign and helping us print more books. This is not a donation. You will receive all of the items in the Launch perk you selected.

Thank you for joining us in helping children live to their fullest potential by believing the truth about who they are as a person. Together we can change hearts, homes, classrooms, and destinies with our words of life!

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Risks and Challenges

Printing Issues:

The Speak Life Badges books are very high quality but quite complex to print, collate, and bind.  Our first run had one vendor back out of binding our books due to the sticker paper concerns with glue gumming up their cutter and binding machine.  We believe we have addressed the concerns and issues we discovered in the first run, so we anticipate a much smoother run in round two.  At this point the turnaround is about 1-2 months to get 1000 copies made.

Shipping Delays:

We are intentionally learning the ropes as we go.  We are choosing to hand wrap and mail out each Speak Life Badges book ourselves so that we can: 1) verify the quality of each order; 2) teach our children what it means to start a business and launch a product from the ground up; 3) to bless each book as we wrap it; and 4) to have done shipping logistics ourselves before we outsource it.  We appreciate your patience as we pack each order with love. 

To mitigate the delays, we have pre-ordered 200 of each book and have all the wrapping paper and mailing envelopes in stock. 

Incredible Demand for Speak Life Badges:

We know that when you see the power of Speak Life Badges and tell others about us, we might be overwhelmed with the response.  That’s a good problem to have.  The crowdfund is in itself one way to mitigate that problem by helping us gauge how many copies to order up front.  If we see that the pre-order is already passed the 1000 order mark, we’ll have the printers start early so that we can get the books to you as soon after the Launch as possible!  We have 200 of each book in hand already to make sure we get them in to the early adopter/super-parent/awesome teacher’s hand… but we are ready for the deluge of orders.  Bring it on!

Any Questions:

If you have any questions or concerns, please read our FAQ to see if it has been answered. If not, feel free to email

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