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How to Grow Your Business Around Your Kids

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I invite you to listen in to this live coaching chat with Jenny who asked how to grow her business around her kids.  Jenny and her husband Mark are the owners of Wise Wood Creations making custom engraved pens, corn hole boards and more.  Jenny reached out to me through Renewed Mama Coaching asking for help to promote and grow the sales for Wise Wood Creations. 

We talk about putting yourself out there at vendor shows when you are not a sales person, promoting the business in small chunks of time you have throughout the day around your kids, creating an email newsletter, and social media and video promotion.

If you are looking to grow your business and make more sales, listen in to this conversation.

What’s Inside this Live Coaching Chat?

In my conversation with Jenny, we talk about:

Working together as a husband and wife team in business

Jenny shares about her business of Wise Wood Creations and how she wants to support her husband Mark as they grow their business around their kids. (minute 1:29)

Are you looking for help in how to grow your business around your kids?

Vendor Show Sales

Putting yourself out there at vendor shows when you are not a natural sales person is an area to grow in if vendor sales is a main way for you to promote your products. (minute 1:50)

Hear how Jenny and Mark worked together to create a system for organizing and packing products for smooth vendor sale set up. Jenny shares how debriefing after each vendor show has helped them stay on the same page. (minute 3:55)

Email Newsletters

Jenny wants to help grow the business through marketing and online promotion, but this is an area she doesn’t know much about. (minute 2:38)

Suggestion #1: I suggest collecting names and email addresses through a draw or giveaway. These emails can then be used to keep in touch with booth guests through an email newsletter.

It takes more time, money, and effort reaching new customers, so staying in touch with booth guests and past customers who are already familiar with your product will boost your sales faster. Send this email newsletter on a regular, consistent basis. (minute 6:13)

Suggestion #2: Jenny can highlight her products in her emails as gift ideas based on holidays and events throughout the year. For example: “Here are three Father’s Day gift ideas. Here are four summer time fun activities for your children”. Then she could share about their corn hole boards and custom engraved pens. Some of the special events I suggested are Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, graduation, bridal party, teacher gifts, appreciation gifts, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. (minute 7:55)

What holidays and seasonal events will you use to email your customers and promote your products?

Marketing and Online Promotion

Jenny asks about promoting their business on social platforms and video promotion. (minute 12:43 and 14:19)

Suggestion #3: I encourage her to stick to one platform and work toward getting lots of engagement on one platform so as to not wear herself thin. One way to encourage engagement is to ask past and new customers to share on social and tag Wise Wood Creations when using their corn hole boards or custom engraved pens. These garners social proof that their products are fun and well loved.

Suggestion #4: Short videos showing how Mark engraves pens or makes the corn hole boards are great for promoting products. These short, fifteen to thirty second videos are great for social media and YouTube shorts. (minute 17:06 and 18:54)

Remember Your Call to Action

Suggestion #5: I remind Jenny that with each video or social post, she needs to include a call to action telling her audience what to do next. “Go to Wise Wood Creation’s Facebook page to buy your special Father’s Day gift now.” People need to be told with the next step is and where to go to purchase your products. Keep your call to action simple and clear.

What call to actions do you use in your social posts and videos?

Offer Discounts and Special Sales

Jenny wondered about offering discounts and sales inside the email newsletter.

Suggestion #6: I caution Jenny in training her customers to wait to buy until a sale comes. She could offer free shipping or a discount after a certain amount of dollars have been spent. She should encourage them to buy now because “this is a great Father’s Day gift idea.” (minute 9:20)

Building Your Business Around Your Kids

Her desire is to promote and work the business in small chunks of time throughout the day around the kids schedule. She wants to grow her business instead of returning to a full time job and miss out on time with her boys. (minute 3:06 and 13:43)

Build a Life You Love

I encourage Jenny and Mark to be intentional about building a life they love as they juggle working, parenting, and growing their business. Evaluate regularly with each task, vendor show, and marketing avenue as examples, if it does not add joy to their life, can be done with ease, and move the business forward. Get rid of it.

This doesn’t mean that they, and you in your business, won’t have to do hard stuff or uncomfortable stuff. Being an entrepreneur and growing a business requires you to do a lot of hard and uncomfortable stuff. But at the end of the day, if the task is not building a life and business you love, hire it out or let go of it. There are lots of means to grow a successful business and love your life while doing it. (minute 17:24)

If you are a homeschool working or business mom, enjoy this episode titled Can You Work and Homeschool Your Children?

What have you hired out or let go of because it was not growing your business or bringing joy into your life?

Turn this Insight into Action in Your Business

What did you learn for your business and life from my conversation with Jenny?  Tell us in the comments.

I care about helping you renew your thoughts, words, and responses, but Jenny didn’t reach out for help with those. She reached out for help with what means the most to her right now, helping support her husband as they grow their business, and I love that!

I am here to help with whatever you need, whether that be business, parenting, communication, marriage.  And of course, helping you to renew your thoughts, words, and responses. Go now to and book your coaching chat with me. Let’s get your questions and concerns answered. 

Your parenting, the peace in your home, better relationships with your children, fewer outbursts and temper tantrums, and a strong, and positive mom mindset can be yours. 

Get it by going to Renewed Mama Coaching and booking your coaching session now. 

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