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Make Little Shifts. 2° Turns.

Kimberly writing in notebook - making little shifts

So you want to make some changes in your life?  However big or small these changes may be, commit to making little shifts, little two degree turns every day. 

Make little shifts here or there.  And as you win, write it down.  Have a notebook of successes and victories.  So that when the going gets tough, you can look back and remember all the times those two degree shifts turned out right!

Maybe you once shouted at your kids but instead you respond in grace.  Write it down.

Maybe before you couldn’t seem to ever get out the door without at least one child having a meltdown.  But today you did it!   Everyone happily walked out the door!  That’s a win!  Write it down.

Maybe homework hour always ends in tears and you get so frustrated.  But this time, you pre-gamed your child with a Speak Life Badge and told him you “believed he wouldn’t give up when he faced a challenge.  You can tackle this math together with good attitudes.”  And you did!  Write that victory down.

children celebrating successes with balloons

Celebrate the little successes.  They will grow and continue into new patterns of speaking life.  By the way, encourage your children to do the same practice of writing down their wins.  They can do so in the “I Am Loved Journal” for KIDS on pages 32-39 “My Sprout’s Journal.”

Austin the Hedgehog and I Am Loved Kids Journal
Sprouts Journal Page for Recording Little Shifts

You have what it takes to use your words intentionally.  Start in little ways and watch them grow to where it becomes natural for you to see the good in the moment, to speak out hope over the situation, and to speak belief over your child.

As always, we are here for you.  If you need more insight or want me to cover something specifically, comment below and let me know how I can help.  And if you want to encourage a friend in their two degree shifts, share this blog post with them.

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