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Mental Wellness Begins in Your Gut

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with Special Guest Rachel Van den Heuvel

Are you exhausted, Mama?  You need to nap for two hours each afternoon just to make it through the day.  You feel brain fog, overwhelmed, easily frustrated, and stressed all the time.  Stamina and patience for the kids is practically non-existent.  There is barely enough energy and mental capacity to keep yourself going let alone the whole family.   All of this makes you feel like you aren’t cut out for motherhood.

If that’s you, I’m so glad that you pushed play to this episode.  You need to know that there is hope and help, and the answer is in a place you would never think to look. 

Mama, you can have your life back.  My guest, Rachel Van den Heuvel, felt exactly as I described, and she tells us how she got her life back.

How Mental Wellness begins in your gut

My special guest, Rachel, is a homeschool mom of three boys.  She is a Certified Mental Wellness Coach helping families go from stuck to surviving in their life with a focus on the gut brain connection and how that impacts all areas of health, especially emotional resiliency, focus, and mood related challenges.

In this episode, Rachel shares her and her families’ health journey and how she has navigated her son’s picky eating.

What’s inside this episode

You’ll hear how Rachel was not afraid to explore alternative, holistic health options when her family struggled in their health. She shares how she tried many things to rebuild her family’s health, and while they were not the full answer she needed, they were an important piece in their health journey and was still worth trying.

Rachel shares what led her to consider gut health as the missing link her family needed to improve their health, sleep, and mental wellness. Amare Global catapulted their health by addressing the gut brain connection, lowering cortisol, repairing their gut, and balancing their nervous system.

Having a picky eater in the family is part of Rachel’s story, too.  She shares how she helped her youngest son open up to eating and trying new foods.

Your next steps for mental wellness by healing your gut

If you want help to improve your health and mental wellness by addressing your gut brain connection, reach out to Rachel here.  She loves having conversations with moms who want to improve their health and mental wellness.

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