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My heart sank.  I had found a mistake.  Not just one.  We had come this far with Speak Life Badges’ first print of 600 books, and I found a few mistakes.  Even after all of those edits, reviews, and hundreds of sample pages printed.  How did those mistakes get there!  Discouraged…that’s what I felt.

“Wait!  No!  I won’t give in to discouragement.”  I decided not to stare the mistakes “in the face” every time that I opened to those pages.  This is what I told myself: “Hey Kimberly.  You did it!  You are holding the first Speak Life Badges book in your hand.  You took an idea from start to finish and here it is.  These few mistakes are OK.  They are an example to others to go ahead and get their idea out there, too.  They can fix the mistakes as they go.”

You bet, I’ll fix those few mistakes for the next print run, but it felt OK this time to let them be.  Now that’s a win for this perfectionist! 

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Friend, you’ve got what it takes to pursue your dream, even if there are a few mistakes along the way.  Don’t give in to discouragement.  Keep going.  You are enough, and you’ve got something great to offer the world! 

We’ve printed 600 Speak Life Badges Books so far!  Visit our Contact page and submit your email to be one of the few to get the first books! 

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