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What do I do When My Kids are Not Interested and don’t Care?

Not interested?  Don't care? Q & A Thursday

How can you help your children to have good attitudes for things that come hard to them or they are just not interested in doing? What about subjects in school that they may not like?

Listen in to this episode of Q&A Thursday as Kimberly answers these great questions.

We have covered a lot of ground in this Q&A Thursday, including:

1:28 – You’ve seen the pre-game huddle or the time out huddle where the coach rallies the team, regains their focus, and plans their next play.

1:55 – You can use the pre-game huddle at home with your children and their attitude about things that are hard for them or of no interest. Before you go out to eat at a restaurant, before you go to the doctors or dentist, before you go to a new place or visit a friend, gather your children together and share your expectations, how might things go, what they might experience, and how they can choose to behave so that everyone has the most fun.

Check out this episode of @ Home with the KIDS as I share more about the pre-game huddle.

8:09 – Don’t miss this part of the Q&A Thursday! I share how you can use the pre-game huddle when your children don’t care or don’t like something such as a school subject like math. Have a pen handy as I share some scripts that you can say to your children. Be sure to not miss the truth bomb sandwiched in these suggestions! I also share several practical things that you can do today to help your children with reading and math so that their schoolwork is more interesting and fun.

17:02 – You’ve gathered your children together, you’ve shared your expectations, you’ve talked through how they can choose to behave in the situation. Take this pre-game huddle approach one step further by then asking the question, “When I ask you to do this, how will you respond?”

21:45 – One of the most important things that you need to know about the pre-game huddle is found in the Bible in Romans 4:17 which tells us to speak and to call into being that which isn’t there yet. Be intentional with your words. We know that our children can share. They can obey right away. They can stay focused and work with excellence. So speak that out even if you don’t see it yet.

Now I would love to hear from you.

What part of this episode resonated most and why? How will you use the pre-game huddle today?

Important:   Share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments.  Keep your comments positive, as no bad attitudes are allowed here.  Nor is judgment or criticism allowed.  We are here to cheer each other on in this amazing parenting journey together.  Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

It’s important that you hear this:

Your intentional effort to pre-game your children and to talk through what they are about to experience and how they can choose to behave will set your outing or errand up for success! Avoid the whines, the complaints, and the embarrassing Walmart display. Remember the best team is family – your family. So gather the players (your kids!) and get in the huddle!

With enormous love,


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