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There’s so Much Negativity in the World.  How to Still Speak Life when the Situation is Not Good.

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Ever feel like Anne?  “Such a great idea!   In a world where we see so much negativity, speaking life to our children and others is oh so important!  It’s hard to speak life today.  There’s so much negativity in the world.  Sometimes I don’t know how to speak life when the truth of situations is not kind or pretty.” 

Negativity will always be around you.  Even when circumstances in your life or situations in the lives of others are not kind or pretty, you can still speak truth in a loving, respectful way.

Here’s how you can speak truth that shines brighter than negativity, judgment, criticism, lies.

Is it that it is hard to speak life today or is it that it’s not normal? Isn’t complaining and whining about the situation more acceptable and commonplace?

We’d rather whine and complain about the situation than step back and say, “What’s the solution here?  How can this get better?  What does God say about this? What do you want me to do about this God?”

Mama, no matter what is going on in this world, to your loved ones, or right inside your home, you need to know who you are, Whose you are, and Who has the final say.

Are you a daughter of God?  Do you know that God loves you as much as He loves His Son, Jesus? John 17:23,26 

Do you know that Jesus loves you so much that He died on the cross for you?  He gave His life as a sacrifice to make a way for you to be made right with Him, to become a daughter of God and to call Him “Abba, Father, Daddy,” Romans 8:15 and to receive the fullness of His Kingdom, and to go to Heaven when you die.

When you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved.  Acts 16:31  You belong to Him.  He clothes you with garments of salvation and wraps you with a robe of righteousness.  Isaiah 61:10

Your identity is found in Christ and what He says about you. 

Goodbye Negativity

Step back from the negativity (turn it off) and get in the Word of God.  Shift your focus from the not kind or pretty situations; and remember these promises from God.  Hold on to them.  Don’t let go.  Keep claiming them. 

I don’t mean that you ignore the things going on around you or act like it’s not there.  Instead ask God to give you fresh eyes, new mindset, new understanding of the situation.  Ask Him to help you to see the victory, to walk in the victory He already has for you.

Mama, choose to be the light in the negativity.  Live your life, carry out your assignment, love people well, help people, be real and authentic, and shine in the darkness.

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