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No More Miscommunication

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with Special Guest Tera Wages, Connection Codes

Ever feel like you are not connecting with your husband or your children? There is misunderstanding.   Irritation rises until someone rolls their eyes or walks away.  Emotions are high.  No decision is made because it blows up into another argument, and you’re thinking, “How’d we get here?”

Is not miscommunication a vicious cycle that only leads to offence, strife, and hurt? 

No more miscommunication! We can actually listen and give space for our husband and children to share their emotions and feel safe processing those emotions with us.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to have no more miscommunication in your home. We are wired for connection, so learn to connect with your husband and children in four minutes or less.  And how you can help your husband and children feel safe with an “Oooo.”

No More Miscommunication

My special guest is Tera Wages from Connection Codes.  Tera is a mom of four who used to describe herself as a “shell of a human.”  She felt like she was failing at everything around her. Her kids were having regular tantrums, her marriage was operating on fumes, and she just wanted to hide in a closet. This all changed the moment she discovered the Connection Codes.  In fact, the Connection Codes changed her life so much that she worked her way into the company. She is now the CEO and podcast host of their weekly show, The Connection Codes.

In this episode, Tera shares how you can share your emotions and your feelings in a way that is seen and heard, not misunderstood. No more brushing aside emotions as if they’re not a big deal. Put an end to strife and offence.  Before this episode is done, you’ll have a way to help your children, your spouse, and yourself process and talk through emotions. 

Your next steps for better communication in your home

If you want help to improve the communication in your home, reach out to Tera and Connection Codes.  Tune in to The Connection Codes podcast here.

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Let’s keep the conversation going! Share in the comments what you learned from Tera Wages and the Core Emotion Wheel. Tera and I would love to hear from you.

Don’t do motherhood alone

Are you wishing for another mama to talk to? Someone to talk through the Core Emotion Wheel with? Another mama support so you don’t feel lonely in motherhood? Then I’m all yours.  Go to Renewed Mama Coaching and book your first coaching session with me. 

I know what it’s like to put on a good face and be falling apart inside, in my marriage and parenting.  Countless times I tried to communicate with my husband, but it only ended up in arguing and offence. We built a pretty big wall between us.  I took my frustration out on my kids and put them down with my words because I didn’t know how to talk better. 

That is until I got coached and became super intentional with what I was thinking and speaking. I knew that out of the mouth the heart speaks.  Matthew 12:34 I got serious about what was in my heart.  And I got amazing coaches and mentors.  I became teachable and willing to change. 

I’m still learning, but I’m here for you. I can help you get unstuck in your marriage, your parenting, your thoughts, words, and responses. Go now to and book your first coaching session with me. 

Your parenting, the peace in your home, better relationships with your children, less outbursts and temper tantrums, and a strong, positive mom mindset can be yours. 

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