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You and Like-Minded People

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You already know this, but I’ve just got to say it.  There is power in partnership … the right kind of partnership. 

When you have a vision, a mission, a purpose that you are going after, it is key to partner with like-minded, like-hearted people.

Take Speak Life Badge’s graphic designer, the amazing Andrea Urbaniak.  Where would Speak Life Badges be without her?  She took my ideas and my crazy sketches and turned it into reality.  It was so fun to send her my thoughts and voila, open my email, and there it was!  As I had envisioned it! 

New and Old Revision sheets for Speak Life Badges

Andrea worked so faithfully on edits and revisions.  At one point in the process, we took a 180 degree change in our look, design, and color scheme; and Andrea stayed right there with me, sailed through the changes, and we came out with an even better book and sticker badge look.

She helped me design our fun magnificent Austin character.  I am so thankful that she didn’t give up on me mid-way through the project.  I am so thankful that she has taken on the design work for Speak Life Badges as if it were her own personal project.  I value her design talent!

Austin the hedgehog mascot

Powerful Partnership

Your team – partnership – is dynamite – and I mean that as two flip sides of the coin.  You and your team can self-destruct if your focus isn’t right and if there is no unity, teamwork, nor integrity.  But if you are united, all working together towards the goal with a “Let’s do this!” attitude, you together can explode as a team and as a business all the while making a difference in our world.  Partner up, Friend, with like-minded people.

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