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Please Stop the Temper Tantrums!

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Please stop the temper tantrums!  I think it’s safe to say that if you have kids, you have said this before.  How do you handle the temper tantrums and meltdowns when nothing works? The crying, screaming, kicking, hitting, and breath holding has got to stop, but how? 

We hear the messy crying, screaming temper tantrum a few aisles down from us in Walmart and we say, ‘Lord, help that Mama.  When I have kids that won’t be me.”  And then we have kids and there we are in Walmart with a meltdown on our hands. 

It’s embarrassing.  Does it make us look like bad moms?  And what is wrong with my child?  He was just happy a moment ago? 

We should pause right here and check in with our thoughts, the words we are saying, our parenting approach, and our communication now when everything is peaceful so that the next time there’s a temper tantrum we think right, speak right, and respond right.  Are you with me, Mama?

Push play on the video below so that you can be proactive now, before the temper tantrum happens so as to have fewer meltdowns and more peace in your home. 

Mama, I bless you.  I know the temper tantrums are frustrating. They interrupt your day and disrupt the peace in your home. Stay consistent and stay calm.  Do not argue with your two year old, seven year old, or your teenager.


Do not make false threats you don’t intend to keep.  Stand by your word so that your children know you to be trustworthy. Be proactive by meeting your child’s physical needs and emotional needs, pregame them so that they clearly know your expectations, and give appropriate consequences if they still choose a temper tantrum.

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I’ll help you stop the temper tantrums, find joy in the dishes and laundry pile up, and guide you in thinking right, speaking right, and responding right to your children, your husband, even yourself, Mama so that you come alive in this mama journey.

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