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How Do I Praise and Correct at the Same Time?

Kimberly with sandwich - sandwich method of praise and correct

Can you remember a time when you were disciplined or corrected and only heard the negative?
How could you do that?”
What were you thinking?”“
I thought I could count on you to do this for me.  I guess I was wrong

You only heard about the wrong choice you made.  You felt shamed and far from good enough.

There’s another way to correct or to bring instruction to our children.  

Use the “Sandwich Method” of praise, followed by correction, and then praise again.

Look your child in the eyes.
Start with a word of praise.
Tell them what you appreciate or admire about them.  This softens or warms their heart to the correction or to the instruction that you will be sharing with them next.

Then share the correction.  Start with phrases such as:
I couldn’t help but notice…”“I could be wrong about this, but I saw…”
Would you be willing to…”
You are a winner.  But no one wins when you…”

Then follow with praise.  “I believe in you.  I love you.  I know that the next time you will choose right.”

Kimberly eating sandwich - sandwich method of praise and correct

Give the “Sandwich Method” of praise, correction, and praise a try.  Let us know how it goes.  We are here for you.  We appreciate you and admire you for intentionally using your words to bless others.

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