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Preventing Homeschool Burnout with Special Guest Rowan Atkinson

Preventing Homeschool Burnout with Kimberly Muhtar and Special Guest Rowan Atkinson

Mama, you can prevent homeschool burnout. Do you feel burned out or overwhelmed in your homeschool?  There isn’t time to care for yourself.  You are with the kids 24/7, right? 

Do you feel like you are failing at this home/mom thing because you can’t do all the things the other homeschool moms do?  Is it crazy time getting the kids out the door to all of the homeschool group activities but you must socialize them so you keep going to them all?

Do you compare yourself to others and feel like you aren’t doing enough?

Enough Already! Today’s special guest, Rowan Atkinson, author of ENOUGH ALREADY!  Real Help for Home School Burnout, Freak Out, and Zone Out shares golden advice in this conversation about preventing homeschool burnout. We discuss overwhelm, right expectations, comparison, going to all of the group activities or not, and mother care. 

There is so much goodness in this conversation.  Homeschool burnout does not have to be part of your story. Watch this Renewed Mama Podcast episode now.

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Now it’s your turn. Share in the comments one take away that you will incorporate into your homeschool today. 

Before you go, be sure to listen to the second half of my interview with Rowan. Find it in Episode 41 of the Renewed Mama Podcast. You won’t want to miss it.

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