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Raising Kind, Happy, Empowered Children

two women smiling Kimberly Muhtar from the Renewed Mama Podcast and Lauren Magers from The Happy Life raising kind, happy, empowered children, confident kids, parenting tips, parenting advice, parent coaching

with Special Guest Lauren Magers from The Happy Life

Want to raise kind, happy, empowered children who are confident in who they are and not in who they are told to be?  I do, and I know that you do, too.  My special guest, Lauren Magers from The Happy Life, shares how you can raise capable, confident children.

My special guest today is Lauren Magers, a mom of four.  Motherhood in Lauren’s early twenty’s felt like diving in uncharted waters.  Her question was ‘How can I raise strong, empowered, and resilient children?’

With her “there’s always a way” mindset, she went on a quest for tools, skills, and foundations to be a happy parent.  The result was the Happy Life System that empowers parents and children from the inside out.  It’s not just a parenting method. It’s a fresh perspective on family life—creating joy, developing character and resilience, and building self-mastery together. She is here to share more about the Happy Life System. 

How to Raise Kind, Happy, Empowered Children

Kids Don’t Come with a How To Manual

Lauren shares how having the mindset that “there are no problems only challenges” helped her win at parenting. (minute 2:34)

“It was the way that I was framing my mindset that actually allowed me to discover different solutions within that experience.”


A Super Intentional Life

Lauren lives a super intentional life. Each thing she does bringing value to her life in order to work and parent at her best.  She shares more about her journey to being intentional and what that looks like daily in her life. She explains how she decides what to do or not to do so that she works, parents, and lives happy. (minute 6:20)

Empowering Children

Positive role models are needed to empower children to see the beauty of who they are, not what parents and adults want them to be.  Lauren shares how we can mislead our children when we push them to be what we want them to be instead of empowering them to be who they are created or meant to be. (minute 9:41)

“If we are embedding programs into our children of what we want them to be, they will never be able to access their greatness. If you are living vicariously through your child with your own agenda of what you think they need to do, they will never be able to access their greatness.”


Go Further with these Resources

About The Happy Life System

Lauren tells us about The Happy Life System and explains her gamified approach to parenting that empowers children to take initiative and ownership as well as stay motivated. (minute ) Lauren also shares about her Crack the Parenting Code and her free ebook 8 Secrets to Being a Happy Parent. (minute 16:46)

Shop the Speak Life Badges sticker awards for your children at  Encourage, motivate, speak life, and break any lies your children are believing in a sticky, fun way with Speak Life Badges.  It’s like Annie said, “Speak Life Badges helped me to see how praise and encouragement can not only get you better results, but also build your children up in their character!  It is so easy to get into a routine of getting upset, but this really helped keep me on a better track!”

sticker award badges for kids, positive reinforcement, stickers for kids, Speak Life Badges helping parents and teachers encourage, motivate, and speak life to children

One more thing, Mama. Do you need another mama to talk to? Motherhood can feel lonely at time when you are in the midst of the chaos, temper tantrums, and sibling fights.

Do you want to get control of your thoughts, words, and responses as a Mom? Can’t change the negative, critical tape that is replaying in your mind no matter how hard you try? Do you want to be more positive instead of shouting all the time and focusing on all of the things your children don’t do? ❤️

Then I invite you into a coaching conversation with me through Renewed Mama Coaching. I’ll help you to renew your thoughts, words, and responses so that you feel less mom guilt and show up as the mama you want to be. Book your first session at

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