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Right on Time

“Come on.  I wish it were done already!  What’s the hold up?”

Have you ever said that before?  I have.  Lots. Of. Times.  “It would be great if it were done….like yesterday!” 

As soon as the idea for Speak Life Badges was downloaded in my heart and mind, I was off running, creating, writing scripts, trying them out, and creating new badge phrases.  I sketched what I envisioned the sticker badges and script pages should look like.  I visited book stores and researched page layouts.  What was fun, colorful, eye catching, and engaging?  What would be fun for both parents and kids?  It was so fun!

Kimberly doing revisions to books

Life Gets In the Way

Well….life kept happening.  I had a two year old, a 5 year old, and 7 year old.  We were home schooling.  My after school tutoring schedule was packed full four evenings and required opening up Saturday mornings.  There were the girls’ ballet lessons, swimming lessons, laundry, meals, the house, and all the other life stuff.  Date nights had to be a priority, somehow.  I began getting up at 4:00 am every morning to have quiet time to myself to work.  But much of that time was spent preparing for tutoring sessions.  It felt as though my time available to create Speak Life Badges was rare and momentum was at a snail’s speed. 

“It would be great if it were done….like yesterday.”  That’s what I was saying.  “Maybe this fall…this new school year.  Yeah, that would be great for teachers to have the new sticker award badges then.”   That didn’t happen.  “Keep going, Kimberly.  New goal…January.  I’ll have the books in my hands by January 1st.”  January 1st came and went.  No books in my hands.  Edits.  Edits.  More edits.  “Keep going, Kimberly.  New goal…”  That’s how it went. 

When Will it be Finished?

Are you in the same boat?  Does it feel as if you wished your thing was done already?!  I’m here to tell you, my friend, to hold on, it’s coming…that vision of yours…those dreams… they await their appointed time.  It’s no lie….they will come.  Sure, it seems slow now, but wait for it.  Keep moving with a little action each day towards your dream.  Do what you’ve got to do to make it happen.  Press on whether you feel like it or not.  Keep showing up to create.  Pick up the phone and make the sales calls.  Get out there and meet new people in a genuine, I care about you attitude, not “What’s in it for me?  I’ve got to tell her about my next big thing!” 

At the Right Time

Speak life over your vision and purpose.  Talk about it as though it already is because your vision, your mission, your dream….it will come; it will not delay.   You are right on time!  It will all fall into place right on time.  (Habakkuk 2:3)

3 Speak Life Badges books on wood with lego

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