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New Beginnings

Do have something new that you are just trying out…maybe a new business idea, a new fitness goal, a new family tradition….

Good for you!  I am cheering for you as you begin the work!  I encourage you today to not despise your first steps, your first tries, the small beginnings because with diligent, whether-we-feel-like-it-or-not, every day action towards your new something….it will turn into something great!

Small Beginnings

Kimberly's children wearing first Avery stickers

This is where Speak Life Badges began….with simple Avery stickers where I printed all the “I Am” sticker badge phrases I thought of, and began awarding them to my children and my tutoring students.  I scribbled down scripts and I tried them out.  I revised the scripts when I didn’t see the “light bulb” go off or the behavior change.  I didn’t stop, but continued working, creating, and trialing.

And here we are today…middle of year three…and look how far we’ve come!

Kimberly in library behind open Speak Life Badges book
Kimberly and girl high fiving

Keep going, Friend!  There is greatness in you.  Begin the work today on that idea that’s brewing inside of you….just waiting to get out!  Something great is in your small beginnings.  You were made to shine!  (Habakkuk 2:3)

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What’s Good

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