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How Tender is Your Child’s Heart to Receive Your Words of Truth?

Are you nurturing your child’s heart and mind?  How tender is your child's heart to receive your words of truth? If you thought of their heart and mind like soil, is it rocky, thorny, or good ... READ the POST

Is God Real? Help Your Children See Real Evidence of God

“Is God real?  How do we know He’s real?”  Has your child ever asked you that?  We want our children to see real evidence of God.  That He is alive and involved in our ... READ the POST

What You Need to Know About May 22-28, 2022

What do you need to know about May 22-28, 2022? I’ve got important, time sensitive information to bring to you.  One so important that you must drop what you are doing and act because it doesn’t ... READ the POST

What’d You Say, Mama?

“What’d you say?”  Did I hear you right?”  Has your child or spouse ever said something and you’re like, “What?  What’d you say?”  Maybe you are all sitting around a table full of ... READ the POST

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