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We LOVE our Teachers

We LOVE our Teachers! They give so much time, energy, and patience every week to teach and to encourage our kids to succeed. Why not tell them "Thank You!" with a ready-for-you download-able and ... READ the POST


My heart sank.  I had found a mistake.  Not just one.  We had come this far with Speak Life Badges’ first print of 600 books, and I found a few mistakes.  Even after all of those ... READ the POST

When Problems Come

An inconvenience; stress; pressure; a delay; a bump in the road… that’s what problems are.  And when problems come, it shows us who we are on the inside.  Is our default response to throw up ... READ the POST

It is called HONOUR

“May I speak to your Manager, please?”  I’ve said it.  You’ve said it.  We’ve all said it.  Kindly.  With respect.  In frustration.  In anger.  With not-so-nice ... READ the POST

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