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The FUN is in the journey.

The fun is in the journey, my Friend.  Fun isn’t found only in the outcome, the end goal.  Find the fun in the everyday moments, in the little steps that get you where you are looking to ... READ the POST

You and Like-Minded People

You already know this, but I’ve just got to say it.  There is power in partnership … the right kind of partnership.  When you have a vision, a mission, a purpose that you are going ... READ the POST

Right on Time

“Come on.  I wish it were done already!  What’s the hold up?” Have you ever said that before?  I have.  Lots. Of. Times.  “It would be great if it were ... READ the POST

New Beginnings

Do have something new that you are just trying out…maybe a new business idea, a new fitness goal, a new family tradition…. Good for you!  I am cheering for you as you begin the work!  I ... READ the POST

What’s Good

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