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Journey!  We love road trips, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that you “hopped” in with us for the ride!

As we race towards our launch of Speak Life Badges, we would love to share with you all the things that we have journeyed through for 2 ½ years now to get us to this point….just a month or two away from the launch of Speak Life Badges.

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The Beginning of Speak Life Badges

It all began January 2017 when my husband and I were attending a conference in beautiful sunny Florida.  An idea came to mind where I envisioned the “Hello, my name is….” stickers that are usually worn at meet and greets.  I was inspired to make sticker badges for kids.

I knew that the badges needed to have an “I Am…..” message that kids could claim as their own.  The idea was that as they wore the badge, they would speak the words over themselves and believe them.

Before we returned home, I had three notebook pages of badge phrases and thoughts behind what these badges should say and be about.

I went home and made simple sticker badges using Avery labels.  I began using them with my children and tutoring students.  It was amazing to see their faces light up, their shoulders lift, and their work improve.

first avery sticker badges ideas

That is how Speak Life Badges began.

girl wearing first Avery sticker idea
girl wearing first Avery sticker idea

Stay with us for the journey.  Visit our Contact page and sign up for the “road trip” by submitting your email.  You’ll be the first to know when Speak Life Badges books are ready to roll!

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