Stop the Sass

with Speak Life Badges

Sassy?  Rolling their eyes at you?  👀

Slamming the doors.

Pushing all your buttons. 🔘

If you had a quarter for all the times you’ve heard “Mom, you don’t understand,” you’d be rich? 💰

And they are not even teenagers yet.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You Can Understand Your Kids

& Have a Great Relationship with Them

In your home, there can be

✅  peace

✅  respect

✅  sharing

✅  honest communication

✅  everyone feels heard and accepted

Want to know how?

Speak Life Badges is a toolkit of sticker award badges along with the right words or suggested scripts of what you to say to your children when you feel all the love …..and all the disrespect and frustration.  Speak Life Badges works in both situations.

I can’t wait to get this in your hands!

It is possible to have peace and respect in your home!

Now you can use your words intentionally along with a sticker award badge to encourage, to motivate, and to correct your children in a positive way.

💕 I Obey with Joy

💕 I Share

💕 I Speak Good Words

💕 I Am Thoughtful

💕 I Am Patient

Here’s what’s inside Speak Life Badges’ “I Am Priceless” sticker award book:

  • 72 sticker awards
  • 24 different award badge phrases such as: “I am extraordinary,” “I am hardworking,” “I am a good friend,” “I put others first,” “I am self-controlled,” “I am courageous,” “I have purpose,” and more.
  • 3 stickers per badge phrase
  • Scripts or suggested words to say to your child as you award the badge.  Say the right words based on your child’s personality.  Know what to say for various situations you face with your kids.
  • This Mama’s Tips
  • Take it to the Next Level – Helping you to address deeper character growth with your child.
  • Declarations or affirmations to speak over your home and family.
  • Perfect for your children or grandchildren who are ages 3-13.
  • All this and more for $30.

Hear what moms are saying about Speak Life Badges:

Today I challenged Clayton to take a baby step in bravery at the splash pad, since he normally doesn’t like to get very wet, and I put the “I am Brave” sticker on him when we got home. I know these little word “seeds” of encouragement will grow and help him overtime when he needs bravery in the future.

At bedtime, I removed the sticker while he brushed his teeth and placed it beside the mirror. Just glancing at it really encouraged my heart, too, since I had done some baby brave steps today as well. Words seem so small, but are so powerful and can completely change the way we view ourselves.

I definitely recommend this fun book as a way to bless your kids and yourself!


I had been desperately praying and asking God to guide me in my parenting challenges when I was asked to try out Speak Life Badges.  I had the most eye opening experience with this badge system.  It helped me to see how praise and encouragement can not only get you better results, but also build your children up in their character!  It is so easy to get into a routine of getting upset, but this really helped keep me on a better track!


It is possible to have peace and respect in your home! Now you will know what to say to your child to end the rolls of the eyes and to stop the sass!

There can be real communication in your home that’s full or respect, honor, and hearing each other out.

Ready for that and a whole lot more fun and joy?

Get it with the help of Speak Life Badges.


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