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If Your Words were Replayed…How Would It Sound?

What are you saying to yourself…..about yourself?What are you saying about your kids?  Under your breath?  Out loud?  To a friend?How about your spouse?  Your boss? If you ... READ the POST

Transparency is Important

You and me.... we’ve got to be real and honest with our kids. It’s right to say, “I’ve messed up.  I passed my frustration on to you.” “My anger actually had nothing to do with you.  ... READ the POST

One at a Time

We can only drive one car at a time.Only drink one coffee at a time.  So why is it that after nine years of parenting, I am still reminding myself to give only one direction to my kids at a ... READ the POST

How do you get all hands on deck to get the job done right away with good attitudes? How do you speak once and leave the “I’ve told you a 100 times already!” behind?!

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