Boost Your Classroom Success

with Speak Life Badges

Here’s to another school day and wishing you had:

Motivated Students. Yes, please! 🌟
Focused, diligent students.  You betcha!👍
Students who were willing to try even when it’s challenging.  Epic!  🎆
Students who follow directions the first time you ask.  Dream come true!💖

How is any of this possible?  Your intentional, spoken words plus a Speak Life sticker award Badge equals an empowered, motivated student.  positive motivation, classroom tool, Teacher, boost your classroom success.

I say that’s a WIN! 

Image of a teacher giving her student a high five in the library. Teacher is holding Speak Life Badges sticker award book. Both teacher and child are smiling. Teacher, boost your classroom success, get motivated, diligent students, classroom motivation tools, positive motivation

Here’s how.

Speak Life Badges are sticker award badges for you to award to your students.

Speak Life Badge sticker awards   Teacher, boost your classroom success, get motivated, diligent students, classroom motivation tools, stickers for students, sticker awards, positive motivation

✔ I Am Smart
✔ I Work with Excellence
✔ I Use Time Wisely
✔ I Listened Today
✔ I Did My Homework!
✔ I Stayed Faithful to the Task
✔ I Sit up Straight and Tall
✔ Look at My Neat Penmanship, and 18 more different badge phrases.

Speak Life Badges’ I Am Smart sticker award book includes 156 stickers (6 of each badge phrase) for you to award to your students when you see excellent, focused work and when you don’t.  Speak potential and belief over them as you award them with a Speak Life Badge. 

Your students will be saying what Charlotte said when she received an “I Am a Great Reader” badge: 

No one else has ever made me feel so happy about my reading like that.  Maybe I can get a sticker every day.”  💖


Hear from a few more happy parents and teachers:

Jonas has really struggled with creative writing assignments for the last two years.  Today was the first time he completed an assignment with no tears, and no whining or fussing or complaining.  I used the “I Am Hardworking” badge.  He lit up when I gave it to him and is wearing it with such pride!
He wore his badge all day. At the end of the day, he said he was going to stick it to his board in his room!  He worked so hard!  It was so amazing to honor him this way!  I know he feels so blessed!  So thank you!”


“I bought one of the Speak Life Badges books and was seriously impressed.  It is a fun, colourful book, full of great encouragement and tips for parents and then, of course, the sticker badges to give our kids.


Unsure of what more you can say to a student to motivate, to get them to sit still and to focus, or to get them to respect and not bully other classmates? Feel as if you said it all and still can’t seem to get through to a student?

Speak Life Badges offers scripts or suggested words to say to your students as you award them with a badge. These scripts give suggestions of what to say for different personality types, different situations you face in the classroom, and what to do when a student doesn’t do what you ask, does give up, doesn’t follow directions, and isn’t willing to learn.

Kimberly reading badge script

I have been using Speak Life Badges for some amazing people and the results are beyond my wildest dreams.  I want to spread the joy and share the wonder.


✔ Boost your classroom success using Speak Life Badges.
✔ Motivate the struggling student.
✔ Encourage and inspire them to reach higher.
✔ Address behavioral concerns in a positive way.

Make your school day awesome

with Speak Life Badges


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