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Tell Me No More Lies

Tell Me No More Lies

Do you tell yourself lies? 

No way! 

Maybe so. 


Does it matter?  Yes!  A lot! 

What you think and what you tell yourself, whether it’s true or not, affects YOU and your future. Lives can change or take completely different paths based on what someone thinks, speaks, acts upon and believes. Lies will always hold you back and keep you from being the best YOU that you can be.

We are excited to share this special video session with you! This video was created for both adults and children to watch.

You’ll learn how to recognize lies that you are telling yourself and how to replace them with the truth.  We’ll use two lies as examples: “It’s too hard.  I can’t do this” and “I don’t belong.”

You’ll learn seven questions to ask yourself to break off the lies and to keep truth rooted in your heart and mind so that you act in full confidence and become who you are meant to be.

Wait! Before you watch, print off this FREE coloring fun sheet from Austin, Speak Life Badges’ hedgehog to go along with your video watching.

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Tell me no more lies fun sheet

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Are you ready? If you want to tell yourself no more lies and start believing and living in truth, watch now.

Before you go, let’s turn this insight into action!

The next time you feel upset, ready to give up, sad, lonely, hurt, angry…..pull out this fun sheet and ask yourself these seven questions.

Be careful with your feelings, your thoughts, and the words you say out loud.  They are like the alarm clock…ding…ding…ding.  Pay attention to me.   Then you decide, “Will I accept these words or kick them out and exchange them for the truth?” 

Be a lie breaker and a truth teller!

Remember, what you think becomes what you say.  What you say becomes what you believe.  What you believe becomes what you do (with our actions).  And what you do is who you become.

Lies will always hold you back and keep you from being the best YOU that you can be. The truth sets you free to be YOU, to shine, and to have the most fun!


PS! Would you let us know how this video and fun sheet helped you and your children? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and WINS in the comments below!

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