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The FUN is in the journey.

Kimberly waving on four wheeler

The fun is in the journey, my Friend.  Fun isn’t found only in the outcome, the end goal.  Find the fun in the everyday moments, in the little steps that get you where you are looking to go.  Satisfaction, fulfilment, joy, peace, growth….they are all found in the little daily moments on the path to your somewhere

Here’s a little glimpse of Speak Life Badges’ fun journey. 

Boxes of paper for Speak Life Badges stickers
Box of Speak Life Badges sticker sheets
Papers ready to be assembled into books
Maria and Kimberly's daughter binding books
Making a promotional video
Kimberly and daughter with sticker sheets
Kimberly and son wrapping up first books
Natalie Rose taking photos of Kimberly

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Share with us a fun moment in your journey that happened today!

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