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Thank you for taking the time to explain how Speak Life Badges work. I fear I would have just kept putting off opening the book.  Now that it is part of our routine, Ailey and Rhys strive to earn badges.  We just love it!  It really is an amazing concept.


Jonas has really struggled with creative writing assignments for the last 2 years. Today was the first time he completed an assignment with no tears, and no whining or fussing or complaining. I used the “I Am Hardworking” badge. He lit up when I gave it to him and is wearing it with such pride! He wore his badge all day. At the end of the day, he said he was going to stick it to his board in his room! He worked so hard! It was so amazing to honor him this way! I know he feels so blessed! So thank you!


Today I challenged Clayton to take a baby step in bravery at the splash pad, since he normally doesn't like to get very wet, and I put the "I am Brave" sticker on him when we got home. I know these little word "seeds" of encouragement will grow and help him overtime when he needs bravery in the future. At bedtime, I removed the sticker while he brushed his teeth and placed it beside the mirror. Just glancing at it really encouraged my heart, too, since I had done some baby brave steps today as well. Words seem so small, but are so powerful and can completely change the way we view ourselves. I definitely recommend this fun book as a way to bless your kids and yourself!


I bought one of the Speak Life Badges books and was seriously impressed. It is a fun, colourful book, full of great encouragement and tips for parents and then, of course, the sticker badges to give our kids.


I was taking a few photos for something else and decided to grab a quick shot of Katie-Jane with the badge "I Am Loved". To be honest I quickly read the little script and then said you are loved and plopped it on her shirt.  I was thinking, "No big deal. We tell her all the time she is loved." But to my surprise she was beaming from head to toe, and it brought a tear to my eye to think how something as simple as a sticker and affirmation dramatically affected her.


I had been desperately praying and asking God to guide me in my parenting challenges when I was asked to try out "Speak Life Badges." I had the most eye opening experience with this badge system.  It helped me to see how praise and encouragement can not only get you better results, but also build your children up in their character! It is so easy to get into a routine of getting upset, but this really helped keep me on a better track!


Maybe I can get a sticker every time I come for tutoring!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you have done with Charlotte. She always comes home upbeat and positive.  That reading sticker was one she showed off with pride! She told me no one has ever made her feel so happy about her reading like that.


I have been using my complimentary copy of Speak Life Badges for some amazing people and the results are beyond my wildest dreams.  I want to buy copies and gift them.  I want to spread the joy and share the wonder.

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