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On Today’s Menu – Sugar

Kimberly with sugar donut

What’s if sugar was on today’s menu for the students in your classroom?

Breakfast: 1 donut, orange juice, bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Morning Snack: drinkable yogurt
Lunch: 1 piece of pizza, can of soda, a whole Snickers bar
After School Snack: chips, Smarties, glass of milk
Dinner: burger, fries, soda

I don’t think I need to ask you what would happen if all of your students ate this every day, because you already know!   You are on the receiving end of their sugar loving taste buds every day.

Kimberly with sugar donut

Couple that with the possibility of watching TV and playing video games before school and all evening.

It is worthwhile to have the classroom discussion of how this lifestyle affects their body, their mind, and their attitudes.  Have them come up with how they feel.

Tired all the time
Hard to focus
Easily distracted
Feel sad sometimes

Kimberly tired after too much sugar

Want more chocolate
Get winded going up the stairs.
Can’t run as fast. Maybe they don’t even want to run.
Bending over gets harder.  Not as flexible.

Is this how they want to feel?  Is this how they want to live?  They may simply need to be reminded that even their food choices have consequences.

I own a diesel truck.  I can only fill the truck with diesel.  If I fill it up with unleaded gas, my truck will stop running.  It is the exact same thing for our bodies.  Share this example with your students.  If they do not fill their body up with “good food fuel,” they won’t be able to run well.

They were made to thrive, to live, to love life, and to have the most fun!  They can do this best by filling their body with food that blesses their heart, mind, muscles, and organs.  The knowledge and awareness of how sugar affects their body may be all they need to help them to make healthier food choices. Your discussions in class can encourage them to ask mom and dad for healthier snacks and lunches. 

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Incorporate stretching, jumping up, reaching up high, reaching down low, crazy dancing it out to a song – all at their desks in intervals can freshen their mind, re-establish their focus, and help them to feel good about their bodies and their work.

Kimberly eating healthy apple

We love our students.  You have so much to cover in one day, and so many different learning needs to address.  And there are numerous things outside of your control that you must resolve.  You give 110% and it doesn’t go unnoticed.  Your work matters.  Your influence is so valuable.  Teacher, we appreciate you so much, and we thank you for all that you do.  As always, if you need anything, comment below and let me know how I can help.

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