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How do I Know the Truth versus the Lie?

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Our children, whether they are aware of it or not, are on their own journey of distinguishing truth from lies.  They are discovering the truth about who they are as a person.  Even at the young age of two they are figuring out their place in the family, amongst siblings, and in the world as a whole.  They are gauging their own independence.  As our children grow, they work to establish their value among friends and activities.  Then it is understanding what they are good at and what they are meant to do in life.  They will face the comparison game.  It can be a very overwhelming time with so many messages of truth and lies coming at them.

Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Teacher – they need your help!  You can lovingly point out unhealthy mind-sets and help your child to focus on the truth about who they are as a person and who they were created and designed to be, not what a classmate, so-called friend, or social media is telling them.  If we don’t help them, if we throw up our hands and say, “I just can’t talk to her.” then lies and strongholds will develop in their hearts.  They will go on feeling lost, confused, not good enough, and unsatisfied.  It is vital that we guide them in these early years. 

Here are a few suggestions as to how you can help them:

  1. Help them to test their thoughts and feelings.  Not every thought or voice entering their mind is our own.  Ideas could come from their imagination.  Voices could be replaying what a classmate said.   Thoughts can be promptings from God.  Or whispers could come from the enemy.

I believe truth comes from God and His Word, the Bible.  I go to God and the Bible to find my worth and to learn what He says about me as God is my Creator.  I believe that we have a real enemy who is satan, a deceiver and a lie teller.  His goal is to steal, to kill and to destroy.  If there is a thought, a voice, or a lie that steals my joy, that kills my passion and purpose, and destroys peace and unity in our home, I know that it is from the enemy.  I go back to the Bible to declare words of truth so that I may distinguish the lies that satan is trying to broadcast.

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  1. Help them answer the question: “Who told you that?” or “Who said so?”  For example, “Who told you that you weren’t good enough?”  “Who said that you were the slowest runner in the class?” 

Then ask them, “What do you say?”  Turn their focus from what others say to what they know or believe about themselves.  While it’s a big deal to them right now, paint the picture for them that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what Johnny in grade 2 says or selfish Sally in grade 5 says.  Let those words wash away like the sand when a wave crashes on shore.

What matters is what they know and believe about themselves.  They know better than anyone else what they are good at, what they love to do, and if they could improve in an area.

It is a challenge to navigate these young years.  There is no one else more suited to stand by their side than YOU, Mom and Dad.  They need you to help them to see through the gray to the black and white, truth versus a lie.

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