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Two Ways to Make Change Happen Now in Your Life

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Ever been in a place in your life when you wanted change but it wasn’t happening fast enough?  Maybe you are waiting for an answer, for a door to open.  Maybe something feels out of your control.  You are doing everything you know to do, all the little things you can do, as you wait for the big thing to happen. 

Perhaps it feels like everything hinges on the one thing you are waiting for.  Does it feel like it is so close yet so far away?  You’re wondering, “What’s the hold up?”  It’s like you are in a standstill.

I totally understand how you feel.  One morning in my quiet time with God, I was asking Him “What’s the hold up?” about something we are waiting for as a family.  Why the delay?

God encouraged me with two ways you can make change happen now in your life. So I’m sharing it here with you.  I hope that it is a blessing to you.


If you want something to change, do a 180 and go the opposite direction now with no questions asked. Decide, “I will no longer go this way or do this thing.”  Sometimes we need this in our lives.

If you realize that you are heading down a path that is not right for you.  If you realize you are watching, reading, looking at or doing something that is not right, it is not serving you well, or it is not obedient to God, stop it.  Turn away from it and don’t go back that way again.

You see this when someone has a heart attack and they immediately stop smoking, cold turkey, when they used to smoke for years.

Maybe you know of someone who was an alcoholic or a gambler and when they met Jesus, they didn’t touch the bottle or enter a casino again.  A complete transformation.

If you want change right now, do a 180 and go the opposite direction.  I say “Turn the Titanic” because it is a massive move, a massive turn around in the opposite direction.

If you could turn it all around now or just one thing, what would that look like for you?  What would you stop right now in your life and do completely the opposite?  What would need to change now?

Change doesn’t happen until we acknowledge it and decide to change.

What in me, what in my life, in my parenting, in my relationship with my husband, in my work place, in my home, needs to stop right now and go a completely different direction?

mother sitting on steps This mother knows two ways to make change happen now in her life, parenting tip, personal growth, personal development, change in my life, Christian parent coach


Most likely you got to where you are today with little, two degree changes, not a full 180. You are the person you are through small, two degree decisions, mindsets, choices, or purchases.

In the same way, it’ll take small, two degree changes to get you out of your current situation.

Slow, steady, consistent adjustments.  One renewed thought after the other.   New, positive ways of speaking.   Small victories that build on top of each other and snowball until you’ve kicked out the negative, critical, full of doubt talk and replaced it with positive, truth filled, hope filled words.

Make small changes each day.

let’s turn this insight into action

To help make change happen now in your life, make a list of things you want to see change in your life.  Do a brain dump and write down everything you’d like to see change. 

Do you like where you are at in life and what you have in your relationships with your spouse and kids, in your job or business, in your home school, in yourself, and in your finances? If not, what would you like to see change?

When you are all done doing this brain dump or evaluation of your life, narrow it down to one, two, or three at the most areas of change that you would like to focus on first.

There is no right or wrong answer here, just what pops out at you as highest priority. Resist the urge to say, “Everything!  Everything needs to happen now, to change now!” 

No, it doesn’t.  You’ve gone this long with the way it is currently.  What’s a few more days or weeks or even months as you focus on one, two, or three most important things that need your full attention now?

Which approach is better:  1) an immediate 180 turn around or 2) small changes each day?

If it is an immediate 180 turn around, write the thing that needs to be changed or stopped right now and then a big arrow pointing to the new way you will go.

If the approach is best for you to make small changes each day, pick one to two actions you will do today to get you moving toward that change.

Every day, you do one or two things to get you toward that change.  Don’t let up and don’t slow down.  Remember the snowball effect, little by little, roll by roll, it grows or compounds on each other and before you know it, you’ve made the change.

need parenting help, mama? get coached

If you need help making change happen in your life whether it is big like turning the Titanic or small, two degree changes every day, I can help through Renewed Mama Coaching.

We can hop on a coaching chat together and talk through your specific frustrations, what you’ve already tried that isn’t working, and what you can try instead.  We’ll go fruit to root together and help you to think right, to speak right, and to respond right the next time you are triggered.

Sometimes we can’t see beyond what we are struggling with.

It’s like you are on your tip toes, trying to see over the wall you have built with your thoughts and your words.  You didn’t even realize you were building a wall of negativity, judgment, self-doubt, lies, defeat, not good enough.   That wall is keeping you from seeing what God is trying to bring into your life.  How He is trying to help you.

Together, in Renewed Mama Coaching, we’ll take down the blocks in your wall.  We’ll pull down the negative mindsets, the thoughts that are holding you back, and the words you are saying that are actually speaking death over your motherhood, over your marriage, over your goals, and replace them with truth so that you can start to see the light shining through. 

So that you start to see the great mama you are especially when you have the tools you need to make the two degree changes in your life, to parent well, to speak life to your children, and to find gratitude in the 24/7 motherhood. 

You don’t have to do it alone.

It is so much better working together. Go to Renewed Mama  There are two parent coaching packages available and special bonuses waiting for you.  Choose to book two sessions to get you started and your deepest concern answered right away.   You know the thing that keeps you up at night and keeps you frustrated as a Mama.

Or go all in with five sessions where we can go deeper with what you are thinking, speaking, and how you are responding.  With the five sessions, you’ll receive a Speak Life Badges sticker award book to help you teach your children to honor, obey, and choose good attitudes in a fun way with sticker awards for kids.

Let’s get started together today.  Book your coaching sessions here

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