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What All Mothers Need to Hear

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What is it that all mothers need to hear?  Motherhood is wonderful and crazy, exhausting and rewarding all at the same time. 

Whatever you are going through – the good, the bad, and the ugly – here are fifteen truths that all mothers need to hear.

You are in for a real treat because my encouragement to you is coming right out of the Speak Life Badges sticker award books! 

I know that Speak Life Badges sticker badges and scripts are for kids; but I promise that you’ll be encouraged and uplifted by these truths, too.  They are for you, too, Mama!

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Bonus, Mama! This is a two part series so be sure to push play to Episode 78 Part One. I bless you with these words of truth.


I SHARE (from I Am Special)

Mama, you are rich in good deeds.  You are generous and willing to share your time, your sleep, your lap, your hugs, your chocolate cake, and your coffee because they like to sip our coffee!  Because of this, others will share with you and be generous to you.

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I AM BRAVE (from I Am Special)

You are brave and courageous, Mama.

You do not shy away or back down.  Nor do you ignore the wrong that you see happening around you.  You want to make a difference in the world.  You impact those around you every day as you are brave, kind, loving, and forgiving. 

I SPEAK GOOD WORDS (from I Am Special)

Wow!  Mama, you speak good words.  Words that your children and spouse need to hear.  Do you see how they smile and stand up taller with your words?  You make them happy with what you say.  You speak to their heart.   Your words are pleasant and sweet to the soul and healing to the bones just like honey is sweet.

mother and daughter talking in the library while sitting on a red bench, patient parenting, positive parenting, parent coaching, good relationships with kids, Speak Life Badges sticker awards for children

I AM PERSISTENT (from I Am Priceless)

This is a good one.  Mama, you do not make excuses.  Excuses are just well planned lines that take the responsibility off of you and pass the blame on to others.  Sometimes, people make something a problem just so that they can make an excuse not to do it or to not take responsibility for it.   That’s not who you are.

You are persistent and say no to excuses.  You keep a good attitude and say, “How can I do this? instead of giving in to “I can’t do this.  It’s too hard.”  You focus on finding a solution – a way to get it done when it feels like there was no way.  That’s huge!

I AM THOUGHTFUL (from I Am Priceless)

Mama, there are so many things going on in a day, in a moment. 

I can’t help but notice how you stop and listen to all of those Minecraft stories and retelling of the movie you all watched together last night.  Even when the stories go on and on and on and on. 

It is incredibly thoughtful of you to listen and to hear them out even when you have absolutely no interest at all.  I know it’s a struggle sometimes, but you care more about making your children feel seen and heard. 

I AM HARDWORKING (from I Am Priceless)

Hardworking does not mean busy, Mama.  You are all about doing the right thing, not more things.  We can busy ourselves with so many things and not do any of them great. 

Mama, I bless you with discernment to know what is the right thing to spend your time doing. 

I AM WISE (from I Am Priceless)

You are wise because you think first before you do something and before you say something.

When you open your mouth to speak, wisdom comes out.  You know the right things to say at the right time.

Mama, you listen to counsel and accept instruction.  I admire that you are willing to make changes in your life and to act on the things you learn. 

You are wise because you guard your heart.  You are careful with what you watch, what you read, and what you make agreement with. 

girl child writing on a notebook in a library, she is wearing a Speak Life Badge, sticker award badge for children, positive parenting tool, teacher resource, patient parenting

I AM EXTRAORDINARY (from I Am Priceless)

Mama, you are extraordinary.  There is no one like you.  You are one-of-a-kind and unique.  There are so many wonderful qualities about you.  I see greatness in you.

Remember that being extraordinary does not mean perfection.  Being extraordinary is doing all things in your life as best as you can with excellence.

I AM PRICELESS and I AM SPECIAL (from I Am Special and I Am Priceless)

I remind you that you are valuable.  Nothing about you is a mistake.  How you have been created, called, designed, and chosen is amazing.  You were designed whole and not broken. 

Everything about you is valuable.  Your value is not in the things you do, but in who you are.  Your life has purpose and meaning. You are important. 


You, Mama, were made to succeed.  It is in you to be an amazing mama.  I know it doesn’t feel like it sometimes when you are juggling work or growing a business, homeschooling or helping with homework, running the kids around to their sports and activities, changing diapers, breaking up toy fights, nursing sick kids, making dinner, cleaning up after the dog and cat, and doing laundry again. 

You don’t think of yourself as amazing let alone that all you do is amazing!  But you are.

In fact, you are brilliant.  Here is a special badge for you, Mama, because you need to be reminded that you did amazing today and are amazing each day.

mother or teacher giving a high five to a child in a library, holding a Speak Life Badges sticker award book for children, positive parenting solution, parenting resource, Renewed Mama Coaching, parent coaching


I bless you, Mama with energy to do amazing work today.  If there is anyone who is diligent, it is you.  There is a hundred and one things and little ones pulling for your attention and still get it all done.  You do excellent work…in the office or in your business, at home, and with your family. I bless you with abundant energy to keep doing amazing work, Mama!


Give me a high five, Mama!  You didn’t give up.  Anyone else might have thrown down their toilet bowl cleaner, ignored the enormous laundry pile, threw up their hands, and said, “I’m done with this.  It’s too hard.  It’s too much.”

But not you, Mama.  You press on.  Instead of saying, “I can’t do this,” you say, ‘How can I do this?  How can I get help?  How can I think right, speak right, and respond right in this?”

The challenge you face is not worthless or in vain.  It helps you to grow, to become more mature, and to learn something about yourself that you didn’t yet know because you had to press on and work through the challenge.  You are a winner.

I Am Special, I Am Priceless, I Am Smart, sticker award badges for children, parents and teachers can give these sticker to their kids and students, classroom positive reinforcement tool

I AM FAITHFUL (from I Am Special)

If there is anyone who is faithful, it is you, Mama.  You see each task through to the end. 

I don’t know, maybe you do what you do out of duty.  “No one else will do it if Mama doesn’t.”  Maybe no one else can do it quite like you can, so you are forced to do it yourself.

Or maybe you’ve learned that the ideal way is to teach and encourage your husband and children to help and to be OK that it’s done even if it’s not exactly the way you like it.

All I know is, you have a heart that is willing to help and to work as a team. 

And when you say that you will do something, you do it.  You see it through to the end and finish it.  You are faithful.

I AM STRONG (from I Am Special)

Mama, I appreciate how strong you are.  You carry or have carried some weighty things on your shoulders.  You have been heart broken and faced loss or betrayal or disappointed faith.  Yet you keep going, keep believing, and keep loving.  You are clothed in strength and dignity, not shame.

I AM A WARRIOR (from I Am Special)

You are a conqueror.  That’s because you stand up for truth and you do it in love.  You do not wage wars that are foolish, selfish, or greedy.  Instead, you fight for what is right.

You are a warrior because you perceive that there is more to a battle than what can be seen with eyes.  Instead you have spiritual eyes that know that the battle is not against flesh and blood.  While others fight against people, you choose to see the good in people. 

Mama, you fight against the evil deeds that people do and the wrong choices they make.  You want to see things made right in the world, so you fight for truth and justice. 

Keep standing, Mama.  We need warrior Mamas now more than ever.


Save this episode to come back to again and again when you need encouragement.  And share this with another Mama you know who needs a pick me up today.

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